Navicon Pharma TDC (ex-SalesOut)

Complex analytics of distribution channels in the pharmaceutical industry

Data from pharmacy chains and distributors (on secondary sales, stock goods, and purchases) can be processed and organized in 1 day.
More than 95% of the data can be read automatically.
More than 20 successful projects in 5 years have involved Navicon Pharma TDC (90% of those are reference projects).

You need to

Get analytics on secondary sales, purchases and stock
Pay bonuses to pharmacy chains and distributors on time
Calculate the commercial department's bonuses in a timely manner
Solve the out-of-stock problem
Forecast and plan the production and purchases of remedies, taking into consideration real sales data
Assess the efficiency of marketing activities related to pharmacy chains
Have a complex image of the company’s operations in a defined region
Monitor the efficiency of your sales channels and points of sale

Solution features

Solution scheme

Схема решения Navicon Pharma TDC (ex-SalesOut) | Complex analytics of distribution channels in the pharmaceutical industry

Solution benefits

Ready-to-use box solution – an installation takes 2 weeks
Proven system stability – more than 20 clients have been using this solution
Assigned support team – solution development and yearly upgrade
Built-in reporting – the first step to complex analytics of operations in a defined region
95% of data is processed automatically – minimum number of errors in manual processing
3 days instead of 10 – more than 3 times faster preparation of monthly reporting than before
Full sales transparency up to the end point of sale – tracking of reselling among distributors and pharmacy chains
Maximum level of detail in reporting – automated sales analytics up to a pharmacy, distributor, and a point of sale

Solution is already being used by


A large pharmaceutical company that specializes in Ophthalmic, ENT and Inhalation segments.


AstraZeneca / Navicon Pharma TDC: automated management of secondary sales

Bayer AG

Bayer / Implementation of a secondary sales processing system in 14 days


Novartis / Secondary sales analysis with Navicon Pharma TDC

Merz Pharma

Merz Pharma / A project for the Russian branch: distributors' data consolidation and analytics by means of Navicon TDC

Sotex «PharmFirm»

Sotex «PharmFirm» / Data import automation, secondary sales analysis


AKRIKHIN / BI-based comprehensive analysis of company activities


Ipsen / Automation of sales planning

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