Navicon Pharma CRM

Management of medical representatives

Navicon Pharma CRM: your efficient toolkit to promote pharmaceuticals.
Daily analysis & reporting on the visits.

Navicon Pharma CRM is included in the Gartner list of CRM solutions for Pharma and Biotech companies: more

You need to

Automate the work of medical representatives
Have more daily meetings with customers
Increase customer loyalty towards your employees
Maximize personal efficiency of each employee
Have a tool for convenient and transparent planning of the employees’ activities
Monitor the field force performance
Receive consolidated reports quickly and efficiently
Quickly adapt to changing requirements

Solution features

Solution benefits

The flexibility of the system makes it adjustable to different lines of business
The elaborate role model enables data access differentiation according to most sophisticated needs
The system’s capability allows processing huge amounts of data (up to 200,000 entries a day). The system is available 24/7
A standard commercial offer: get fully-featured efficient tool in a shortest time at minimal expense

Solution is already being used by


R-Pharm / CRM-based automation of pharmaceutical field force


A large pharmaceutical company that specializes in Ophthalmic, ENT and Inhalation segments.

Petrovax Pharm

Petrovax Pharm / Implementation of Navicon Pharma CRM: the CRM solution for a pharmaceutical company


Unipharm / CRM-based management of medical representatives


NovaMedica / Field sales monitoring

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