Optimized planning for industries

The solution increases the quality of planning and also allows to react to changes quickly and efficiently.
For example, multi-factor planning of master formula selection for manufacturing finished products allows to reduce the cost value by 5-12%.
Platform: IBM ILOG

You need to

Forecast the demand for products among regions and consumer groups
Minimize costs and optimize the amount of purchased raw materials and supplies
Plan raw material supply in due time for flawless operation of production line
Calculate the load of supply chains in case of opening/closing warehouses, changes in commodity flow
Form a medium-term flexible production plan with checking restrictions on the lines of all industrial sites
Change plans quickly and efficiently in case of emergency (short delivery of raw materials and supplies, disruptions, new orders)

Solution features

Solution benefits

Increases performance efficiency with the current resources
Works with any models – from the simple to highly sophisticated ones
Ensures high productivity
Flexibly works with various data sources
Integrates with Microsoft Office products
Allows the users to prioritise business goals while planning
Always provides the optimal plan under the current data and limitations
Provides a wide range of opportunities to customize reports and plans without programming skills