Automated OOH Media Sales

Automated CRM-based process of outdoor media selling

The solution allows an ad sales manager to process over 20 сlient deals a day.

You need to

Get as much information about a client as possible
Maintain the selling efficiency of each OOH media
Prevent the situation when an OOH advertising location is sold to 2 or more clients simultaneously by mistake
Conveniently demonstrate the potential location of an OOH ad to a client
Quickly calculate the price and send the calculations to the client
Avoid double data entries and information losses

Solution features

Solution benefits

Based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015, the leader among CRM platforms
Synchronization with Microsoft products (Outlook, Excel, Lync)
The selling process can be tailored to your specific needs
Interactive map graphic interface that allows for the reservation of resources
The option of quick basemap changing
The creation of print-friendly documents based on templates
Quick adjustment of print templates if needed

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