Navicon FMCG SFA

Field force management

Navicon FMCG SFA is an accurate assessment tool to identify efforts for maximising your sales.

You need to

Increase the efficiency of sales representatives and merchandisers
Reduce order receiving time; increase the number of visits to clients
Improve the promotion of special offers and necessary assortment
Consolidate and further enrich all information about customers from different sources in one system
Keep a wide assortment of stock keeping units (SKU) in each point of sale
Correct the marketing strategy in a timely manner, taking into consideration the information received from the field force
Use Perfect Store concept to achieve maximum sales level in each point of sale
Assess the quality of field staff work and consider this data while calculating bonuses

Solution features

Solution benefits

Reliable source of information about a market situation
Use of Perfect Store concept
Detailed information about field force location and operations
Sales forecasting
The strategy and processes can be changed quickly based on a current market situation
Improvement in the quality of order receiving
Increase in field staff’s working efficiency
Optimal amount of visits to each point of sale
Flexible work with customers
Really targeted promotional campaigns
Quick installation based on preset databases and configurations
An application for mobile devices

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