Navicon FMCG TDC (ex-SalesOut)

Secondary sales management in FMCG

Navicon FMCG TDC (Trade Data Consolidation) speeds up the import and cleansing of secondary sales data.

You need to

Process distributors’ reports quickly and efficiently
Consolidate secondary sales data
Prevent overstocking in warehouses
Monitor the efficiency of distribution channels and outlets
Adequately plan the sales and purchases of goods
Assess the efficiency of marketing and advertising campaigns

Solution features

Solution benefits

Significant decrease of an operator’s workload: 85% of the work is done by the system
Support of any formats of reports, quick setting-up of new formats
Multi-user processing
Constant development of the system
Ready-made, out-of-the-box system – the launch takes just 2 weeks!

Solution is already being used by

Russian Sea

Russian Sea / Cloud-based automation of secondary sales data management


Eurotrade / Implementation of a secondary sales report processing system

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