AI. Equipment Fault Forecast

Use artificial intelligence to forecast and prevent equipment failures

Our solution will prolong the lifetime of your industrial equipment and reduce its idle time.

Proper scheduling of preventive equipment maintenance will increase product output by 3–7%.

The solution will reduce by 4% your spendings on spare parts and expendables needed for scheduled maintenance, while the costs of their storage will be reduced by up to 12%.

You need to

Fulfil production plans within contracted terms
Optimize the expenditure for the servicing of industrial equipment
Increase the lifetime of the major equipment, complex machinery and mechanisms
Reduce the costs of equipment maintenance
Improve the manufacturing efficiency

Solution features

Solution benefits

Fast ROI
User-friendly graphic interface
Templates for a wide range of tasks
Connectors for most of the modern gauges, pickups, sensors
Out-of-the-box solution that takes 45 to 60 days to launch