Navicon Professional Services

B2B sales & client relationship management for professional services

Have the information about your clients and sales on your fingertips!

Navicon Professional Services is the IT solution for the companies that offer professional service (audit, consulting, system integration, etc.) and comprise of 100+ employees.

Main solution users:
  • Sales directors, development directors and their assistants;
  • Sales persons, account managers;
  • Important production staff that also participate in sales and interact with clients;
  • Marketers;
  • Analysts, risk professionals.

Around 1450 users are already taking advantage of the solution.

You need to

Gather as much information about your clients as possible and keep the detailed history of interactions with them
Evolve your relationships with clients, nurture their needs
Monitor your sales pipeline (the conversion rate by stages)
Analyse the sales efficiency for particular managers, subdivisions, services, and client segments
Ensure a strict policy of data access differentiation
Access the system from any location and any device

Solution features

Solution benefits

Integration with Microsoft products (Outlook, Excel, Skype for Business)
Unique system of data access differentiation
The possibility of integration with external data sources
A simple and transparent end-to-end sales process, support for various types of deals
A toolkit to evolve your relationships with clients and nurture their needs
The possibility of using ClickDimensions to manage marketing and loyalty
Mobile access

Solution is already being used by


OMS / Marketing and management for professional services

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