Navicon DAP Front-end

Bounce rate reduction, dynamic personalised offers

Navicon DAP Front-end will help your customers quickly gain insight into your offers and perform routine operations such as filling a form, completing a purchase, and finding useful information. Then it will suggest them relevant extra options or a cross sale. Navicon DAP is powered by unique WalkMe Digital Adoption technology which places an invisible overlay on top of all applications, allowing companies to comprehend user behaviour and create an interactive user-guiding system. As a result, your website becomes much more productive.
The solution can help you attract up to 70% extra visitors; it is available in ten languages.

You need to

Minimise cart abandonment
Assist customers in providing shipping data (such as an address or a postal code)
Unify the data you get from your customers
Make sure that your customers don't have to make additional phone calls to clarify order information or complete their orders

Solution features

Solution benefits

No need for integration
User-friendly, simple interface
Faster user navigation & lower bounce rate = better e-sales
Insights into user behaviour