Navicon DAP

Fast digital adoption for employees

Up to 85% of company employees can benefit from the continious use of Navicon DAP guiding system when learning how to use new software platforms or applications. Now an employee can save up to ten hours required previously for digital training, while staff productivity can improve up to 60%.

You need to

Forget about the cumbersome teaching of company staff as to how to use new platforms
Speed up the process of newbies' adaptation
Get a common solution for all the platforms in your company
Enhance the employees' knowledge and skills in the platforms they work with

Solution features

Solution benefits

No integration required – Navicop DAP supports any platforms or applications
Quick system adjustment when necessary – a drag-and-drop interface allows for it once a business process or software are updated
A possibility of cross-system learning
Powerful AI technology – allows users to become advanced users faster than before
In-depth user behaviour analysis – helps identify and overcome the main difficulties