Our platforms

Azure Machine Learning
A high-performance cloud service for predictive analytics based on machine learning.
IBM Campaign (Unica)
Fully-featured marketing campaign management, personalized interactions with customers and clients, thorough analysis of their online activities.
IBM Cognos Analytics (Cognos BI)
A powerful business intelligence system which provides multiple tools for prompt business monitoring, better strategic management and financial performance tracking.
IBM Cognos Express
An integrated solution for midsize and small businesses that provides all the essential tools for BI, planning, budgeting and forecasting. Easy to implement and use.
A powerful corporate plaftorm to optimize enterprise planning and model production processes.
IBM Maximo Asset Management
A platform to manage enterprise production assets (equipment, IT, buildings and facilities) suitable for various enterprises – from large to small.
IBM Planning Analytics
High-efficiency cloud solution for planning and forecasting, which combines the most advanced features of IBM Cognos TM1 and IBM Watson Analytics.
Powerful predictive analytics to improve industrial equipment operation: real-time anomaly detection, failure prediction, the optimal plan of maintenance and repairs.
IBM RPA with Automation Anywhere
Robotic automation of simple yet mundane, repetitive and time-consuming data-related tasks; automation and management of business processes that involve intense data use.
IBM SPSS Statistics
A platform for intelligent data analysis, IBM SPSS Statistics is highly valued by top data analysts for its consistency, elaborateness, and integrity.
Infomaximum CrocoTime & Proceset
Process-mining software for automated detailed analysis of employee working time and activities, which helps to increase each employee's efficiency and optimise business processes
Kofax Capture
Flow-based processing of incoming documents (in any formats): recognition, classification, data extraction and integration into enterprise information systems.
Kofax Kapow
RPA (Robotic Process Automation) system for information processing: automate simple repetitive tasks and let your employers focus on more creative and strategic work.
Kryon Hybrid RPA
A platform to transform your business with RPA. Kryon robots can perform tasks independently or co-operate with your employees to avoid errors. The platform works with all applications thanks to computer vision.
Microsoft Azure
A cloud platform for software developing, computing, and data storing.
Microsoft BizTalk Server
The platform to integrate separate information systems within an enterprise, and to manage its business processes.
Microsoft Dynamics 365
A powerful cloud-based business platform serving as both CRM and ERP.
Microsoft Dynamics AX
Fully integrated solution to manage medium-sized and large enterprises.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM
A powerful solution to improve your customer relationship management, sales and marketing
Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Full-featured integrated ERP solution for small and medium-sized businesses.
Microsoft Power BI
A set of business analysis tools that will enable you to unify and visualize on a single dashboard all data from separate storages, files, and web applications.
Microsoft SQL Server
A highly productive and secure database management system for essential enterprise-scale tasks, available both locally and in a cloud.
Qlik Sense
With Qlik Sense, you can consolidate and analyse data from miscellaneous sources, create various visualizations and reports quickly & on your own.
An advanced fully-featured business intelligence system based on an associative in-memory technology.
Resco Mobile CRM
A platform that enables you to work with a CRM system via a mobile device online and offline.
The leader of Gartner and Forrester CRM rankings, Salesforce is optimized for mobile business users and features AI technology along with advances analytics.
A leading IT solution for data visualization and analysis, Tableau is the vivid map of your business.
Terrasoft bpm’online
All-in-one solution to manage marketing, sales, and service. The solution combines CRM functionality with the tools for business process modeling and automation.
WalkMe Digital Adoption Platform
A platform which accelerates business digital transformation by helping staff quickly learn how to any kind of software or app