Briefly about IBM Maximo Asset Management platform

IBM Maximo Asset Management

With IBM Maximo Asset Management, you can:

- plan the maintenance and repairs for the assets of your enterprise effectively and comprehensively;
- provide relevant timely information to the managers and experts responsible for the usage, maintenance and repairs of the assets;
- manage the inventories of raw materials, spare parts, details, instruments and other belongings needed for the maintenance of your equipment – from the planning of purchases to the disposal;
- keep up-to-date electronic records on all of your assets (equipment, IT, buildings and facilities): the design documentation, technological outlines, specifications, the history of installations, relocations and of the works done, etc.
- increase the equipment reliability, improve the quality of the operation, maintenance and repairs;
- ensure circumspect decisions while planning, preparing and carrying out the maintenance and repairs of your enterprise assets.

Save up to 30% on machinery and equipment maintenance
Reduce emergency supplies by up to 29%
Increase the equipment availability factor up to 17%

IBM Maximo Asset Management suits various kinds of enterprises – from the large to midsize and small ones.

Platform benefits

Cutting-edge technologies: service-oriented architecture (SOA), support for various database servers (DB2, Oracle, MS SQL Server, etc.) and J2EE application servers (WebSphere® Application Server, WebLogic Server, etc.)
Easy integration with other IT infrastructure and business systems that doesn't require a developer work
A full range of modules to build a modern corporate asset management system
A unified solution which can manage all types of assets in one architecture, including service desk and change & configuration management
Easy configurability and updates: built-in configuration tools allow you to make swift changes in UI, workflows, processes, reports
Industry-specific solutions for the following sectors: oil and gas, nuclear energetics, pharmaceutical industry, housing and utilities, transport

Platform features

Solutions on the platform

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IBM Maximo for Transportation

Efficient management of transportation assets

IBM Maximo Asset Management
Resource Management
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Production asset management

IBM Maximo Asset Management

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