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Qlik Sense

With Qlik Sense software, you can investigate your data in-depth, instantly find correlations, and quickly create relevant visualizations. A major benefit of Qlik Sense is that its intuitive interface allows any of the company employees to create reports, visualizations, and dashboards on his/her own, i.e. without disturbing the IT team.

Qlik Sense gathers and consolidates data from various sources which can be flat files, spreadsheets, databases, and information systems. Data relations can be set both automatically (based on associations between field names) and manually. Based on the data, the users create relevant reports and data visualizations which empower them to take smart managerial decisions. All of the reports/visualizations you create are automatically updated depending on the selected filters, and can be accessed from any location via clouds as well as mobile devices.

Platform benefits

Have no problems in importing data from various sources
Interact with colleagues to create custom reports
Take advantage of multiple ready-to-use visualization tools
Work from a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop
Collaborate conveniently and securely
Benefit from the cloud services

How Qlik Sense platform works

Platform features

Solutions on the platform

Analytics and Reporting
Navicon Leader Workplace

A convenient & easy-to-use executive dashboard

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