Briefly about Infomaximum CrocoTime & Proceset platform

Infomaximum CrocoTime & Proceset

CrocoTime is a software system that tracks employee working activities and shows the detailed structure of an employee working day. The installation of CrocoTime in an organization can increase employee productivity by at least 20%.

Proceset is the follow-up of CrocoTime: it automatically maps all working activities of the employees, and analyses the activities as well as the time spent for each stage of a business process.

Platform benefits

The system not only tracks business processes on-the-go in the organization's information systems – it also singles out the separate actions and shows how frequently various additional tools are used
Processes are visualized in an exceptionally user-friendly way and with the maximum level of detail – up to a single document or user
The system offers powerful analytical tools and the means for work acceleration
The solution's statistical analysis features are as easy-to-use as possible
The system can generate a Customer Journey Map, which, along with the process mapping, will show you the operational 'bottlenecks'
Employees' privacy is not violated: the system tracks only the time people spend working with programs or navigating through websites. It doesn't capture the employees' screens nor any other private information

Platform features

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