Briefly about WalkMe Digital Adoption Platform platform

WalkMe Digital Adoption Platform

WalkMe Digital Adoption Platform helps users quickly learn how to use any kind of new software, website, or app. By placing an invisible overlay on top of all applications, the platform allows businesses to gain insights into employee behaviour and create in-application interactive guiding system which will facilitate the employees' onboarding and learning.

The features such as timely hints, contextual messages and window highlighting will help the users understand new software on the first attempt and start productive work without delay. WalkMe Digital Adoption Platform is key to the digital transformation of your business!

Platform benefits

No integration required
Drag-and-drop interface of the guiding system allows analysts to adjust it quickly once a business process or software are updated
The system supports mobile, web, and desktop applications
Powerful AI technology reduces the time for employees to become advanced software users
In-depth user behaviour analysis helps identify and overcome their main difficulties

How WalkMe Digital Adoption Platform platform works

Platform features