Navicon Starts Сonnecting Clients to Microsoft Dynamics 365


			Navicon Starts Сonnecting Clients to Microsoft Dynamics 365			Navicon Starts Сonnecting Clients to Microsoft Dynamics 365

Navicon has announced the start of connecting clients to a new comprehensive Microsoft framework Dynamics 365. This solution unites the capacities of all products of Microsoft Dynamics line and represents a set of smart business applications of a new generation; each of them is tailored to meeting the challenges of a specific business sphere. Cloud system has been available to Navicon’s Russian clients since February 2017.

«First of all we launched CRM projects on the new platform. Dynamics 365 is a perfect solution for all the modern tasks of customer service among which are customer database automation, sales and loyalty management, a unified customer and analytics profile».
Sofiya Totmakova, the Head of Navicon CRM Department.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a complete IT ecosystem developed by the corporation to efficiently manage a company’s front and back office. While previously ERP and CRM solutions needed to be installed and configured separately, they are now brought together in an integrated solution.

The new platform was designed in a modular fashion: there are business applications to automate sales, marketing, service, project and resource management. The modules can be enabled both separately and in a set of business applications. The majority of features of a new system function in Azure cloud. Thus, Microsoft demonstrates a brand new approach to delivering software to users: any business can choose the functionality it needs at a specific moment, enable necessary modules, and scale them up with the growth of automation requirements.

«Thanks to MS Dynamics 365, managers received a convenient and easily configurable tool of business processes automation both in individual departments and in the enterprise in general. The solution provides the richest functionality in the market. Not only does it unite the capabilities of all Dynamics products, but it also seamlessly integrates with cloud analytical services and Microsoft technologies».
Sofiya Totmakova, the Head of Navicon CRM Department.

The main distinctive feature of the solution is a convenient integration between system modules and an access to any data in a few clicks. One does no longer need to configure data exchange between CRM and ERP: a Common Data Model is provided in MS Dynamics 365 – that is, the information from all applications of any sources in the system is aggregated in a single repository.

A new approach to data set storing reduces the probability of data duplication and increases the speed of information processing and therefore management decisions. In turn, business users can easily adapt applications to their corporate environment by connecting the system to company databases.

Dynamics 365 is compatible with the majority of products of the corporation: thus, the interaction with usual Microsoft tools like Office, Outlook, Project is easily configurable, so that a business user can upload data into applications directly from an email.

Moreover, the integration with a predictive analytics toolkit and data mining (Cortana Intelligence, Power BI, Azure Machine Learning) provides users with competitive advantage. For instance, by means of a smart analytical service Customer Insight it is possible to build a unified customer profile based on data from multiple sources, as well as see the pattern and prediction of a customer behavior, considering numerous factors of external and internal environments. The Relationship Insight module allows to configure a smart mechanism of email administration: the system automatically detects emails that require special attention or can potentially help strike a serious bargain.

The mechanism of the use of modules and the installation of add-ins and extensions was also changed. Even an unexperienced user is now able to download extension modules for MS Dynamics 365 from an online store Microsoft AppSource and successfully configure them.

«At the same time, the instantaneous installation and configuration of complex industry solutions based on Dynamics 365 is still impossible. It requires a proper preparatory work involving IT specialists. Nowadays a lot of companies develop industry add-ins for a new ecosystem. Navicon is also planning to present its own industry-specific IT developments in the near future, including ready-to-use solutions».
Sofiya Totmakova, the Head of Navicon CRM Department.

MS Dynamics 365 is available for a business of any scale. The vendor offers a flexible price for medium and small-scale business: the licensing for SMB is available at special offers and discounts depending on the volume of rented capacity.

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