Navicon Develops Industry-Specific Model of BI Analytics for FMCG


			Navicon Develops Industry-Specific Model of BI Analytics for FMCG			Navicon Develops Industry-Specific Model of BI Analytics for FMCG

System integrator Navicon has developed an analytical industry-specific model for companies which produce and distribute fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). The model is a ready-to-use solution based on Best practices and analytics indicators and can be rapidly implemented in any company of Russian FMCG segment.

BI model development is due to rapidly changing needs of FMCG companies all over the world. Customer behavior is changing: more and more sales are carried out online, which demands some new approaches to marketing and customer communication. The model designed by Navicon allows to analyze all ways of attracting customers and their influence on sales, and also to rapidly assess the results of work of distributors and trading networks.

The industry-specific model is designed to take reasonable decisions at all levels of company’s management from top managers to field force. Moreover, an access to the analytical data can be provided to the distributors, thus increasing transparency in manufacturer-partner relations.

The BI model is designed on the basis of a hybrid platform Microsoft SQL Server 2016. It allows engaging the most updated mechanisms of a SQL Server model which significantly speed up data retrieval for prompt management decisions. The model’s analytical core and visualization tool is a set of tools of Microsoft Power BI which allows creating clear interactive reports and analyzing daily updated information. Navicon’s team developed convenient analytical dashboards which display the results of FMCG-relevant indicators' analysis online.

The model implementation does not require huge upfront investments: it is only necessary to configure data upload from accounting systems into a repository. The solution can be deployed either in a customer’s infrastructure or in Microsoft Azure cloud. Thus, FMCG manufacturers can optimize the cost of the solution ownership, avoiding big investments in hardware purchasing and servicing.

«Year by year FMCG market in Russia is getting more and more competitive. Analytical tools give manufacturers an opportunity to effectively manage a product matrix, bring new goods on the market in time, and estimate the dynamics and potential of various market niches. Our BI model gives an opportunity to constantly stay on top and take decisions based on informative graphic data».
Mariya Averina, the Head of Navicon Department of Integration Services and Comprehensive Solutions.

One of the first BI model implementations for FMCG is a project in Russian Sea company. A single repository of sales and distributor leftover stocks data, automated daily distributor data acquisition, cleansing and analysis were implemented within the project, which allowed to promptly respond to market changes, calculate KPI for Russian Sea partners, and better plan product manufacturing and supplies.

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