Navicon: 2017 Microsoft's Partner of the Year in Russia


			Navicon: 2017 Microsoft's Partner of the Year in Russia			Navicon: 2017 Microsoft's Partner of the Year in Russia

System integrator and software developer Navicon has been named «Partner of the Year» by Microsoft in Russia. The company has demonstrated both deep expertise and innovative approach in the creation and implementation of IT solutions for business automation based on Microsoft technologies.

The winners have been selected in several categories from more than 2800 Microsoft partners in 115 countries. In Russia, the winner was chosen from among 154 applicants. Microsoft annually rewards its local partners who have developed and presented the most interesting market solutions based on Microsoft technologies during the previous year.

«We are pleased to name Navicon our Russian Partner of the Year. Navicon is an excellent example of expertise and innovations among Microsoft partners delivering solutions for business transformation».
Ron Huddleston, Vice President and Managing Partner at Microsoft Corporation.

Navicon is the developer of several own solutions based on the Microsoft platforms. The key direction of the integrator's work is the development of analytical capabilities of IT systems. In particular, Navicon SalesOut solution is designed for the companies in the pharmaceutical and FMCG sectors, and allows customer companies to efficiently manage sales through their distributors by collecting and analyzing information on the secondary sales from various sources. According to statistics, Navicon SalesOut reduces the time of data preparation by 6 times compared to manual processing, and does it by more than 10 times for creating reports.

Analysts' productivity increases several-fold, the speed of decision-making in companies grows as well. The transfer of Navicon products into the cloud infrastructure of Microsoft Azure provided even greater popularity of Navicon's solutions among users due to significant savings in server capacity and 24/7 uninterrupted work.

«Navicon's distinctive feature is a comprehensive look at the business of our customers: we always offer new directions for development based on Microsoft's advanced technologies. For example, for more than half of our customers the implementation of Navicon SalesOut became a serious impetus for implementing more sophisticated data analytics from external sources: the companies began to compare and analyze the data from CRM, ERP, and the results of marketing research, getting the full picture of the business. We can clearly see the deep potential of Microsoft solutions which allow us to constantly progress as developers and create very interesting and highly marketable products. We see good prospects in Russia for the Corporation’s innovative solutions – for example, in the field of predictive analytics. We appreciate the cooperation with Microsoft and the opportunities that the vendor gives us in terms of access to advanced technologies, joint marketing and development of fresh IT solutions».
Vladimir Sharov, Managing Partner at Navicon.

Navicon also has Microsoft's Gold Partner status. It should be noted that earlier Navicon had received another high praise: the IT project for the Russian high-tech pharmaceutical manufacturer «R-Pharm» which had been implemented by the system integrator, received the Microsoft Dynamics Customer Club's Award as «Best Comprehensive Project of 2017».

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