Navicon to Launch Stack of IT Solutions for Agricultural Sector


			Navicon to Launch Stack of IT Solutions for Agricultural Sector			Navicon to Launch Stack of IT Solutions for Agricultural Sector

Navicon is announcing the launch of an IT solution stack for agricultural industry. The solutions based on IBM ILOG Software, IBM PMQ, and IBM Maximo platforms are tailored to the specific needs of agricultural enterprises, enabling end-to-end planning and coordination of agricultural production and business cycle – from farm machinery routing to the shipping of the final products to distributors. The solution stack has been available to clients since March 2017.

The set of industry solutions developed by Navicon includes the systems of predictive analytics, optimized planning, and management of all company assets.

The solution based on IBM ILOG platform enables the planning of agricultural machinery & equipment utilization and maintenance: for instance, the system helps optimize the field working schedule, equipment distribution, fuel and lubricant supply. The production asset management system based on IBM Maximo monitors the condition of equipment, increases the efficiency of its utilization, reduces maintenance and repair costs through MRO management (from the scheduling of technical service and maintenance to the procurement of materials and spare parts). Finally, the predictive analytical system based on IBM PMQ helps avoid the downtime of resources and thus reduce the maintenance costs due to the prompt response to and forecasting of production asset breakdowns. The data sources for the IT systems can be various agricultural assets such as the equipment having sensors on it, field sensors (the concept of Industrial Internet of Things), drones, GPS and GLONASS monitoring systems.

«By launching the stack of agricultural solutions which rely on field data sources, we have effectively fulfilled the approach 'from field to shelf'. An agricultural manufacturer is now able to efficiently distribute farm machinery, schedule the maintenance and repair of machinery and equipment, choose the optimal locations for the repair facilities, base the logistic management on how the agricultural products are being stored and shipped. In other words, it's possible to optimize all the production processes from cultivating fields to shipping final products to distributors and retailers. The other feature provided by the IT solutions is the transparency of reporting which enables taking reasonable managing decisions even in an emergency mode, basing them on the analysis of up-to-date data. These days, the transparency of the whole agricultural process is considered very important – that is, when one can trace day-by-day how a product has been grown or bred. That's why the future of IT in agricultural sector lies with developing such comprehensive solutions which automate all the agricultural business processes based on the real-time data».
Grigory Ustian, Navicon Business Development Director.

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