Navicon Announces Cloud CRM Solution for Field Servicing


			Navicon Announces Cloud CRM Solution for Field Servicing			Navicon Announces Cloud CRM Solution for Field Servicing

System integrator Navicon has started to implement a new solution for field service automation. Navicon FieldOne business application, which is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service with access to Resco Mobile CRM tools, automates the work of service companies' field force – engineers and maintenance crews, dispatchers and their managers.

Navicon was the first company to offer its clients a specialized solution for the automation of servicing. The business application is based on Microsoft field force management technologies and is intended for the companies that provide the maintenance and servicing of the equipment or any other assets and business processes requiring maintenance and support on a regular basis.

The functionality of the CRM system has been finalized considering the specific needs of field service crews and engineers. It includes the tools for the automatic distribution of tasks between employees, scheduling and routing of maintenance crews, tracing their geolocation, and the predictive planning of servicing and resources.

«While adapting the vendor’s solution to our clients’ needs we were using all Navicon’s long-term experience in the automation of remotely located staff. In particular, in pharmaceutics we implement the systems designed to manage medical representatives and their communications with clients. The business application is based on a new platform Microsoft Dynamics 365, which offers a brand new ideology of the delivery of IT services to end-users and is adapted for cloud-based work which makes the solution affordable even for small business players».
Sofiya Totmakova, the Head of Navicon CRM Department.

The analytical tools of FieldOne help automate the work of routine maintenance personnel, while considerably facilitating and speeding up the tasks for dispatchers and managers such as laying the optimal route and checking the results. Due to the fact that routine technical operations are performed by the system, the time of a maintenance request handling by a dispatcher is significantly shortened. At the same time, FieldOne automates the inventory counting and the planning of expendables, spare parts, and other materials and commodities. The system also allows for estimating the cost of the accomplished works in a few clicks.

At the same time, field employees get a convenient «mobile office»: the system automatically creates the optimal work schedule for technical specialists and explains the process of task accomplishment step-by-step. The list of tasks is standardized in terms of technical service and maintenance as well as customer interaction regulations: it specifies who's the contact person, how to get to the facility, and other information potentially important for the employee in charge. Each task is divided into separate actions which aren't bound to a specific worker. As a result, the chance to do the task a wrong way or make a mistake while communicating with a client is effectively reduced to zero. Moreover, the workers can access a number of tools from any device including a mobile one: a navigator, the corporate information base, technical manuals, reporting tools. For example, if there is a need in spare parts, an engineer can immediately check their availability in both the warehouse and service vehicle.

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