R-Pharm Awarded for Best Comprehensive IT Project of the Year


			R-Pharm Awarded for Best Comprehensive IT Project of the Year			R-Pharm Awarded for Best Comprehensive IT Project of the Year

An award-giving ceremony for the representatives of IT companies and their partners was held on the 25th of May 2017 as part of the program of the 17th Microsoft Dynamics Clients Club meeting. The IT project for a Russian high-tech pharmaceutical manufacturer R-Pharm carried out by a system integrator Navicon was awarded as the Best Comprehensive Project of the Year.

The ceremony is held annually to distinguish the best IT practices and assess the efficiency of different IT solutions. Projects are evaluated by Microsoft experts based on their scale, importance for a company, complexity and significance for IT industry in general.

The comprehensive project for R-Pharm involved full automation of the company business processes including marketing and sales monitoring with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the management of resources and business processes with Microsoft Dynamics AX, and analytical reporting based on Microsoft BI. The CRM system based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 has increased the mobility and efficiency of R-Pharm medical representatives. The integrator accomplished a number of tasks to structurize the client database and the client interaction history, and to segment the client database according to geographical areas and representatives. The implemented system helps R-Pharm plan the activity of its regional representatives, trace the stock balance and the product promotion on every client, monitor the specialists' work, and receive relevant reports in real time. All in all, the CRM allowed the company sales and marketing departments to reduce the labour costs by half.

«The comprehensive solution implementation based on Microsoft Dynamics allowed us to automate diverse tasks within a single information space. An intuitive interface, simple and familiar to our staff, enabled us to rapidly engage the system into working on all levels of R-Pharm. Moreover, Navicon’s industry-specific solutions on this platform take into account the distinctive features of the pharmaceutical industry, which determined the success of the whole comprehensive project».
Oleg Rynskov, IT Director at R-Pharm.
«The most successful projects are always based on a comprehensive approach to IT organization and management. In the projects implemented in a single ecosystem, IT solutions seamlessly exchange data with each other, enabling efficient management decisions. We are happy to congratulate R-Pharm, a high-tech pharmaceutical company which has adopted this comprehensive approach with the best economic impact this year».
Anna Kulashova, Director of Small and Medium Solutions and Partners Unit at Microsoft Russia

«We are really proud of R-Pharm team which showed the will and capability to learn during the new project. We couldn’t have implemented such a complex and comprehensive project without the R-Pharm team’s will to embrace change. During the partnership, Navicon’s specialists received all the necessary support from R-Pharm executives and the project team».
Evgeny Smirnov, Deputy General Director at Navicon

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