Navicon Offers New Comprehensive Sales Management Solution


			Navicon Offers New Comprehensive Sales Management Solution			Navicon Offers New Comprehensive Sales Management Solution

A system integrator and software development company, Navicon launched new sales management software product. Comprehensive analytics solution Navicon Trade Data Consolidation (TDC) collects and analyzes partner’s data from distributors and retail companies. The solution was designed for pharmaceutical and FMCG manufacturers and available for Navicon customers since July, 2017.

The new solution was based on Navicon SalesOut however its functionality became significantly wider. Navicon Trade Data Consolidation (TDC) became the first fully updated solution of new Cloud based Navicon Sales 360 product line for sales and marketing management.

The solution developed on Microsoft Azure services gathers and analyzes company’s primary, secondary and tertiary sales, as well as distributor and retail stock data and returns to manufacturer. Moreover, this solution compares actual and planned data about representatives’ visits to points of sales and opinion leaders. Navicon TDC fully automates data preparation and includes powerful industry specific settings for sales, marketing and accounting departments.

Navicon TDC has several advantages compared to previous version. First of all, there is an option to manage the sales network structure. Retail companies often change the points of sales quantity, but current network structure can be critical not only for marketing activities planning, but also for bonus calculation.

Furthermore, cloud based Navicon TDC migrated to highly performing HTML5 and got a new master data management module. Data processing tools, such as automated SKU mapping and address line detection in Federal address system, were also improved in the system.

Navicon experts developed analytical model and integrated this model with Microsoft Power BI visualization platform. It is the main feature of the new solution. Now it takes just a few seconds to prepare and visualize reports to analyses sales by territories, compare distributors’ purchases and sales, assess field personnel’s and partner’s marketing effectiveness.

«We see the growing interest among enterprises, which have a lot of partners, in solutions that can track partner relations step by step, from agreement to sales. That is why we consider Navicon TDC the first step in improvement of comprehensive enterprise data management product line in Microsoft Azure. Navicon Sales 360 solutions will track all sales data, sales representatives’ work and partner marketing. Thanks to this solution, decisions will be based on all available business data».
Evgeniy Golubitskiy, Head of products, Innovation Department at Navicon.

Currently Navicon TDC is optimized for pharmaceutical and FMCG companies. In particular, for FMCG companies, Navicon developed integration adapter – data from distributors automatically transfers to manufacturer’s data storage daily. Company intends to broaden Navicon TDC functionality so that solution can meet requirements of all manufacturing companies.

The choice of the first industries was determined by high rivalry and continuous growth in these sectors. Pharmaceutical market capacity in Russia grew 7% in 2016 and reached 1 344 billion RUR, according to DSM Group. At the same time FMCG market is constantly growing by 4-5% a year according to GfK. The growth may be determined by more effective relations between manufacturers and distributors: transparent interaction, co-marketing and continuous tracking of distributors.

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