Microgen Automates Secondary Sales Data Analytics


			Microgen Automates Secondary Sales Data Analytics			Microgen Automates Secondary Sales Data Analytics

Navicon has completed a project for Microgen, the largest Russian manufacturer of immunobiological products, aimed to automate the analysis of secondary sales data. Navicon TDC (previously SalesOut) solution based on Microsoft SQL Server coordinates the distribution of 350 Microgen's products manufactured by the company's nine sites all over the country. Microgen is renting Navicon's software, which decreases the infrastructure cost and allows Microgen to reallocate resources to the renovation of its own facilities.

Microgen’s top management wanted a clear vision on how and through which channels the company’s products are selling, what medications are in high demand and what are overstocked. Manual processing of the data received from distributors used to cause frequent errors such as data doubling due to technical or human factors. Therefore, it was difficult to understand the real business situation. Then the company decided to automate the collection and analysis of secondary sales data by implementing Navicon Pharma Trade Data Consolidation (TDC).

Navicon Pharma TDC was acquired by Microgen under the SaaS model (Software as a Service), which decreased the cost of the implementation and further updates. For Navicon, it was the first experience of software leasing to a pharmaceutical company.
“The SaaS model is a good opportunity for those companies that are not sure yet if their investment in the business automation will pay off or not. This way of implementation does not require a huge one-time investment in all software licenses and other additional expenses on the updates and maintenance”.
Evgeniy Golubitskiy, Head of Innovation Department at Navicon.

To sum up, the pharmaceutical manufacturer got a convenient tool to analyze its sales via distributors and to detect market trends: the data from the partners' local ERPs is being quickly aggregated in a centralized storage and is readily available for analysis by geographical areas, sales channels, medication groups, dosage forms, etc. Thanks to a preset automated checkup, information doubling is also ruled out because the system transforms the data into a unified format with unified spelling for addresses, titles, and selling points.

“We are going to increase our sales and revenue in the following three years so that the investments in our company's development can be funded by ourselves. Therefore, it was vital to ensure that all the reports we receive in regard to our interactions with the partner companies are absolutely transparent. With Navicon TDC, the most relevant information about secondary sales is available to us online, which is very convenient when we assess the efficiency of our distribution channels and partners, as well as the productivity of our regional team”.
Margarita Lebedeva, Commercial Director at Microgen.

Federal state scientific-industrial company Microgen is the largest Russian manufacturer of immunobiological preparations (vaccines). The company is a network of state-owned enterprises; each of its nine manufacturing facilities is focused on the development and output of certain categories of remedies.

Microgen's development strategy is to meet the Russian market's demand for high-quality Russian immunobiological remedies and to renovate its assets by 2020. The company is going to renovate its means of production using only its own revenue, without state financial support.

Microgen is one of the leading companies in the Russian pharmaceutical industry and a part of Rostec state corporation. Microgen was established in 2003 when several state pharmaceutical companies merged their forces in order to start competitive biotechnological production in Russia. Currently Microgen does scientific research in immunobiology and produces remedies, of which more than 120 are immunobiological, while more than 60 are of vital importance. The company’s revenue in 2016 was about 7,6 billion RUR.

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