Gartner Lists Navicon Among CRM Providers for Pharma and Biotech Companies


			Gartner Lists Navicon Among CRM Providers for Pharma and Biotech Companies			Gartner Lists Navicon Among CRM Providers for Pharma and Biotech Companies

System integrator and software developer Navicon is listed among 18 Representative Vendors for CRM solutions for pharmaceutical and biotech industries, according to the report «Market Guide for CRM in Pharma and Biotech» of global research firm Gartner.

Navicon is the only company headquartered in Russia included in the report.

Gartner research «Market Guide for CRM in Pharma and Biotech» is a yearly report that describes key trends and provides a view of global pharmaceutical and biotech market offerings.

«Vendors that offer enterprise-class solutions in multichannel marketing will stand out in the crowd and attract buyer attention. Pharma marketing leaders now consider multichannel marketing as a critical toolset to reach doctors and other key stakeholders. CIOs now need to deliver more advanced analytic, planning, targeting and alignment tools to enable their marketing colleagues to effectively deploy and optimize a diverse set of personal and nonpersonal (digital) resources. Instead of a cycle time of months between targeting and alignment exercises, pharma companies must move to weeks, then days, and eventually to near-real-time targeting and messaging algorithms to deploy channels, messages and resources dynamically, thus meeting the ultimate goal of delivering results in a predictive manner based on the intimate knowledge of the customer base».
Gartner, “Market Guide for CRM in Pharma and Biotech,” Stephen Davies, 26 October 2017.

The specialized solution Navicon Pharma CRM increases the efficiency of interaction between sales and marketing departments, using the same storage for lots of data about target audiences. The solution is developed based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 as part of a stack of Navicon solutions for automation in pharmaceutical companies. It helps to build a comprehensive IT ecosystem inside the company.

«Medical representatives are still the main driving force in pharmaceutical companies. According to Ipsos Healthcare, 51% of doctors suppose that they are the main source of information about remedies. However, the amount of time spent on conversations between medical representatives and pharmacists or doctors is continually decreasing. Oftentimes the medical representative has not more than 5 minutes to present a product. That is the reason why the pharmaceutical industry is moving to multichannel communication with partners and clients, when live communication is accompanied by interaction via digital channels. In Navicon Pharma CRM we developed a concept of multichannel management, which supports medical representatives in arranging personal communication using different channels».
Sofia Totmakova, Head of CRM Department at Navicon.

A client-oriented approach in marketing requires also more precise strategic planning and targeting, as well as permanent control of field sales and marketing activities. As a result, pharmaceutical companies started integrating CRM solutions with client data analytics tools and moving to active use of mobile technologies.

«Contemporary CRM solutions employ all mobile opportunities: access to digital camera (for example, to take a picture of goods layout in retail points of sales), location, CLM module for conducting interactive presentations during the meeting. Field staff of pharmaceutical companies can use accurate information about clients during their visit and maximize effectiveness of time allocated to presentation of the products, regional managers can control work of medical representatives».
Evgeniy Smirnov, Commercial Director at Navicon.

In 2017 Navicon was recognized as Microsoft Partner of the Year in Russia, gained Microsoft Cloud CRM Gold status and joined “2017 Microsoft Inner Circle”, which is the association of top Microsoft partners in Microsoft Dynamics product line. Navicon Pharma CRM project is recognized as Project of the Year among “CRM systems” according to voting at IT directors’ association Global CIO.

Subscribers can access a full version of the Market Guide for CRM in Pharma and Biotech report on the Gartner website.

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