Navicon Presents an Innovative Set of IT Solutions for Pharmaceutical Industry


			Navicon Presents an Innovative Set of IT Solutions for Pharmaceutical Industry			Navicon Presents an Innovative Set of IT Solutions for Pharmaceutical Industry

System integrator number one in the pharmaceutical industry in Russia launched the first set of solutions for sales and marketing management at pharmaceutical companies. The brand called Navicon Pharma Sales 360 combines the flagship products of the integrator: Navicon CRM for client relations management, Navicon TDC (Trade Data Consolidation) for the complex analysis of distribution channels and for commercial reporting, Navicon TPM (Trade Promotion Management) for marketing agreement management, Navicon BI for real-time business data analysis.

Navicon Pharma Sales 360 is aimed at comprehensive data management, analysis, and post-analysis reporting. Upon its implementation, pharmaceutical companies’ top managers get an analytical ecosystem which helps them to coordinate operations inside the company as well as external communications with clients and partners. The complex solution was developed by Navicon on the basis of highly productive and reliable Microsoft platforms and technologies – Dynamics 365, SQL Server, BizTalk Server. The set of solutions is available both on-premise and in Microsoft Azure cloud.

Navicon Pharma CRM helps to coordinate field staff work, which is usually considered the biggest budget item for pharmaceutical companies’ marketing and sales. The system is designed to plan each medical representative's or KAM's meeting with a client in an efficient way, to optimize the field employees' working schedules, and to monitor their visiting activity. The mobile and desktop CRM tools help to organize Multichannel Management system that combines face-to-face communication with interactive CLM presentations and remote communications via digital channels (call centers, social media).

Navicon Pharma TPM (Trade Promotion Management) allows the users to keep marketing agreements with pharmacy chains in an electronic format, and to control their execution. The system has an option of rebate calculation based on how well a pharmacy chain observes the marketing agreement (the growth of sales for different product categories, the punctuality in sales promotions).

Navicon Pharma TDC (Trade Data Consolidation), integrated with CRM module, helps to register and analyze the sales (primary, secondary, tertiary), distributor and retail stocks, product recalls, and to compare these data with the plan/fact of medical reps’ visits to pharmacies and doctors. In fact, this solution automates the gathering and processing of sales, marketing, commercial, financial data in full: the sales data received from distributors and pharmacy chains get consolidated, refined and unified.

Navicon Pharma BI analytical module is designed to improve data processing quality in regard to the data on the communications with consumers and on the sales over time, as well as to improve the assessment of distributors' and pharmacy chains' performances. The data warehouse for Navicon Pharma BI is tailored to specific pharmaceutical requirements and integrated with the main data sources of pharmaceutical companies: by competitive environments (for example, IMS analytical research), by medical representatives’ visiting activity (CRM solutions), by shipping of products (ERP), by secondary sales and hospital purchases. To speed up data processing, the solution is equipped with the most innovative analytical and visualization tools of Microsoft Power BI.

Navicon Pharma Sales 360 pharmaceutical IT set can also be seamlessly integrated with modern artificial intelligence technologies.

Among those are:

AI. Customer Churn Prevention – the solution that helps pharmaceutical companies retain their existing clients and customers. The system develops a predictive client attrition model and provides personal recommendations on how to decrease customer churn.

AI. Retail Demand Forecasting – the solution that helps to develop realistic sales plans and quickly correct a sales department's strategy.

«Because of increasing interest in human capital and investment in public health, the pharmaceutical industry responds to emerging technologies faster than other industries. High-tech pharmaceutical companies all over the world require not only an automated production process but also the implementation of new technologies in their business processes. However, most of the products offered by IT developers are aimed at solving narrow and precise tasks, be it transition to electronic document circulation or some complicated algorithms to calculate revenue in newly-opened selling points. On the contrary, we are offering a comprehensive IT ecosystem which unifies all the data across a pharmaceutical company and enables taking balanced but quick managerial decisions based on the most relevant data on the sales, inventories, product recalls, as well as partner- and client-related data».
Vladimir Sharov, Managing Partner at Navicon.

The company’s expertise in the pharmaceutical industry has been proven by prestigious awards from the professional community. In 2015, at the competition among Microsoft partners in Russia, Navicon Pharma CRM was recognized as the best solution in «Industry Dynamics Solution» category. An IT project conducted for R-Pharm, a high-tech pharmaceutical manufacturer, which involved the implementation of Navicon Pharma CRM, was awarded as «The Best Complex Project 2017» by Microsoft Dynamics Clients Club. Navicon is also a Microsoft Gold Partner, while in 2017 the integrator became Microsoft Partner of the Year in Russia and joined 2017 Microsoft Inner Circle which unites top Microsoft partners in Microsoft Dynamics product line.

Besides, in 2017 Navicon joined the list of CRM providers for pharmaceutical and biotech companies presented by Gartner in «Market Guide for CRM in Pharma and Biotech».

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