Navicon Upgrades bpm’online CRM Solution at Merz Russia


			Navicon Upgrades bpm’online CRM Solution at Merz Russia			Navicon Upgrades bpm’online CRM Solution at Merz Russia

Navicon, a systems integrator and software developer, has upgraded bpm’online – a CRM solution developed by Terrasoft – at Merz Russia, a pharmaceutical company that is a Russian subsidiary of Merz Pharma Group. The CRM solution was updated taking into account the features and specific requirements of both the pharmaceutical industry and the client's business.

As a result of the project, 150 authorized CRM users got a self-service IT solution: they can change its configuration and interface without developers' involvement.

Merz Russia – a Russian subsidiary of Merz Pharma Group – is among top 70 players in the Russian pharmaceutical market. In order to effectively manage customer relations and field force (regional sales representatives), Merz has been using a CRM solution based on bpm’online (a platform from Terrasoft).

The previous version, bpm’online 7.6, no longer met the growing requirements of Merz Russia sales and marketing departments. That is why the management decided to upgrade the CRM system. Bpm'online support and development at the company were being conducted by Navicon, so the upgrade became a part of the support project.

The system integrator audited the client's IT system thoroughly, and optimized the CRM modules used by Merz Russia. For instance, standard CRM tasks – such as collecting and analyzing data about medical representatives' visits, forecasting sales, consolidating company figures – can now be done from mobile devices.

The data processing has become easier and more efficient. Firstly, a new function of global searching across the CRM system allows the employees to find all information about a customer using only a phone number, bank details or any other attribute. Secondly, the users can fill out and update customer profiles faster than before. For example, there is a new feature that allows automatic adding of information to customer profiles from email communications with them. Another feature allows users to process standard requests without the involvement of service and call center employees or with their minimum involvement. This helped the company to speed up the processing of incoming requests, and significantly improved the quality of its customer service.

Moreover, the employees can now customize any business processes and the logic of the system on their own – without developers. In other words, the latest version of bpm’online installed at Merz Pharma, offers self-service tools for customer data processing.

“It was important for us to reinstall and upgrade the CRM solution without any downtime. Navicon’s team did the project in very short terms. During the yearly meeting, when our employees were not using the system, the contractors migrated all functionality and user and customer data from the old CRM to the new platform. The employees started using the new solution right after the meeting.”
Anton Chernokalov, Head of Business Analytics Department at Merz Russia.

Besides, Navicon integrated the CRM seamlessly with Navicon Sales Out – a solution for managing secondary sales data, which the client had already been using. It is Navicon’s own analytical solution based on Microsoft SQL Server. So, the analysts of the pharmaceutical company can now juxtapose data on medical representatives’ visits with the company's sales, assessing the effectiveness of each field employee.

“For Merz Pharma, we managed to select those modules and functions which would be useful to the employees of this pharmaceutical company. In fact, we adapted classical bpm’online system to the requirements of large pharmaceutical players, taking into consideration the specific features of the pharmaceutical business. We can use this experience to optimize IT solutions at other pharmaceutical companies.”
Sofya Totmakova, Head of CRM Department at Navicon.

Currently 150 authorized users work in the system. Further support and CRM upgrade will be provided by Navicon.

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