Navicon to Provide Robotic Solutions for Russian Companies


			Navicon to Provide Robotic Solutions for Russian Companies			Navicon to Provide Robotic Solutions for Russian Companies

Systems integrator Navicon has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Kofax, one of the global leaders in content management and robotic process automation (RPA). The integrator will implement in Russian companies Kofax smart tools for business process optimization: Total Agility, a platform for the optimization and transformation of business processes; and Kapow, an RPA system which automates routine operations and easy tasks by imitating human actions.

As Kofax analysts have calculated, an employee spends 22% of its office time on routine tasks: data copying and pasting from different systems; data searching and aggregation from applications, electronic tables, websites and other sources. Moreover, up to 88% of mistakes in business processes happen due to the human factor.

In order to automate repetitive tasks, avoid mistakes, and increase corporate data management preciseness in public sector, insurance, health care, logistics, manufacturing and finance, Kofax used reliable technologies present on the market for more than 15 years, and created a new, completely digitalized working environment which can work side-by-side with humans. This environment consists of a wide range of ready-to-use robotized solutions in content management (information capture), business processes (robotic process automation), financial management (financial process automation) and customer data management (customer onboarding solutions).

In over 30 years, Global Kofax network headquartered in America has spread to more than 70 countries in EMEA (Europe, including Russia, Middle East and Asia), as well as Asia-Pacific region. Systems integrator Navicon is an authorized Kofax partner since January 2018. The integrator plans to implement its RPA solutions in order to provide Russian companies with unified digital environments, and to spread intelligent analytics:

  • Kofax Kapow is the leading Kofax software for robotic process automation (RPA). This platform for software robots' creation is readily compatible with various information systems including ERP, ECM, BPM and CRM. In those business applications, Kapow minimizes routine tasks for employees: its intelligent robots can quickly connect to different ERPs, launch processes, and exchange data between corporate systems, websites, portals, JAVA and desktop applications. The robots created by means of Kofax Kapow imitate typical human actions – for example, they input data and cross-check information from different sources. They also can recognize text and apply to it different rules of classification and structuring, and redistrubute data between workflows. Kapow’s special architecture starts all the intelligent tools from the central server and does not require virtual desktop infrastructure, which means the robots do not need complicated coding and can be developed in very short terms.

  • Kofax Total Agility is a platform used to create smart process applications which are able to collect, structure and redistribute information in any formats from any sources. Total Agility intelligent applications help to optimize corporate content management, including business process management and data integration. They provide an opportunity to process data from different sources – from scanned papers and photos of documents to ERP figures and emails from the corporate mailbox. The information and documents received from clients, suppliers, side-services or internal systems can be structured and analyzed in real time. That said, any Kofax system is fully administrable: Kofax analytical module helps to track IT solution operations in real time – paying attention to tiny details both from business and IT points of view – and to monitor KPI achievement. The system has 50 preset reports and allows users to add new ones as well as to connect additional data sources e.g. ECM, BPM etc.
“The uniqueness of Kofax innovative tools and solutions is its capability to optimize business processes that exist at any company or industry. The foreign and Russian success stories prove that such systems can not only decrease operational costs, but also improve customer service and open new business prospects. As a matter of fact, they help business users to identify new value in the information that used to be considered useless or take too much time to gather and process. That is why we are going to provide intelligent services and software robots for our clients from the pharmaceutical industry, FMCG and professional services all over the world.”
Roman Baranov, Business Development Director at Navicon.
Kofax is a Microsoft partner and certified Gold Developer, that is why its solutions are easily integrated with Microsoft business applications and solutions: Microsoft Dynamics, SharePoint, and Office 365.

Kofax intelligent tools are also adapted to functioning in MS Azure cloud environment, which means that Navicon’s clients who already use Microsoft solutions can automate their business processes end-to-end.

“2018 is a robotic year. It is not enough for the companies anymore to automate business processes and to digitalize data. They want to do it in the most convenient way with the minimum spending of human resources. Implementation of robotic business processes helps to regulate and optimize routine and repetitive operations. As a result, employees can spend their time dealing with more valuable tasks, for instance, creative and strategic ones. The demand for RPA is growing exponentially, while the integration of Kofax Kapow and Kofax Total Agility covers all clients' business processes and easily provides return on the investment.”
Gurzheieva Natalia, Business Development Director in Russia, CIS and Israel, Kofax.

In 2017, Navicon entered the international market, having offered a set of complex automation solutions to global pharmaceutical companies. The strategic partnership with one of the global leaders in innovations – Kofax – is one more step in Navicon's expansion to foreign markets.

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