Navicon Offering Process Mining Solutions


			Navicon Offering Process Mining Solutions			Navicon Offering Process Mining Solutions

Navicon, a systems integrator and software developer, has concluded a strategic partnership with Infomaximum, which is a Russian developer of solutions for business process optimization based on the concept of 'process mining'. The solution Navicon is now offering to its clients is Proceset – Infomaximum's flagship solution designed to analyse the work actions of a company's employees and then to suggest the optimum patterns for automating (totally or partially) their work. The Proceset system will allow Navicon clients to reduce the automation costs and time by up to 30%.

These days, when it comes to full-scale business automation or the implementation of complex and expensive IT solutions, top managers and analysts approach it in the most circumspect manner. They would like to be totally sure that the allocation of resources for the automation is efficient.

Process mining solutions are designed and being implemented in order to reveal 'bottlenecks' in business processes, and to provide clients with insights into the ways automation can be used to upgrade their processes. Essentially, the process mining systems help companies to find out which particular operations and business tasks should be automated if the goal is to maximise the efficiency and operating speed of the employees.

This intelligent process analysis is based on the complex monitoring and processing of the data from the users' computers as well as from all information systems across the organization. A process mining solution extracts data from event logs, and uses the data to understand human actions and behaviour. The intelligent analytical systems track the sequences of actions used to perform each particular business task – and, based on this information, they assess which processes are fine, while which have 'bottlenecks' and need to be improved. After that, the process mining systems model various scenarios of business process improvement, and suggest ways to optimize the business.

That said, the employees' privacy is not violated: the system tracks only the time people spend working with programs or navigating through websites. There is neither capturing of the employees' screens nor recording of any other private information.

«Since 2008, our team has been engaged in the matters of work efficiency, and we have developed our own IT solutions at this field. CrocoTime is designed to keep automatic records of work hours and to balance the workload across the staff, while Proceset system analyses a company's business processes, generates the processes' map, and estimates the efficiency of each employee or operational script. This enables our clients to figure out the extent their business processes are in line with the corporate standards, to identify the causes of the anomalies, and to select the operations which will benefit from automation – as opposed to those where just a redistribution of the tasks or the re-skilling of the team would suffice.»
Alexander Bochkin, Chief Executive Officer & Founder at Infomaximum

The main Proceset's advantage over the similar solutions in the market is that, apart from merely analysing system logs, Proceset can collect various information on how employees use their workstations. In other words, the Proceset system figures out the real need in automation and then assesses the efficiency of the IT solutions to be considered for implementation. Thus, a reason Navicon is offering process mining solutions is that those will prepare Navicon clients for RPA projects (the automation of business processes by means of software robots) and also will pre-assess the RPA projects' efficiency.

«The cost-effectiveness of investments into RPA may vary greatly, depending on how the automation corresponds to the internal processes of the client company. Firstly, one has to realise clearly which particular processes will benefit from the automation. Secondly, one has to take into account the unique features of each business and the goals it has. For some 99% of all businesses, the robotic automation of a particular process may work fine, but in 1% of the cases it may cause a failure. Process mining helps to determing the proper areas for automation, which will save our clients time, resources, and energy they could need for adjustments and error fixing after the installation of an RPA system. Besides, process mining allows them to assess the ROI on RPA solutions.»
Roman Baranov, Business Development Manager at Navicon.

In addition, Proceset integrates easily with any information systems, allowing the client company to analyse and slice-and-dice its business data in full. Proceset's quality data visualisation tools enable real-life and user-friendly tracking of how the business process model alters according to taken decisions.

A company that chose Proceset is going to get its business processes totally transparent and manageable. The system demonstrates how business tasks are being solved in practice, and how much time each of the operations takes to perform. As a result, the business starts realising how the time required for each particular operation can be reduced; how to redistribute the workload among the employees so that each one can do something he or she is best at; how to automate repetitive tasks and liberate the intellectual resources for something more creative.

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