Navicon Becomes Top IBM Analytics Business Partner 2018 in Russia


			Navicon Becomes Top IBM Analytics Business Partner 2018 in Russia			Navicon Becomes Top IBM Analytics Business Partner 2018 in Russia

IBM named Navicon its key partner regarding the implementation of analytical solutions in Russia. 'Top IBM Analytics Business Partner 2018 in Russia' status was awarded to the Russia-headquartered systems integrator & software developer at the annual conference for IBM business partners. The conference titled IBM PartnerWorld at Think took place on April 27th and summed up the results of 2017.

On April 27th, Navicon was named Russia's Top IBM Analytics Business Partner at 'IBM PartnerWorld at Think' business conference.

The vendor annually awards those companies among its business partners that have demonstrated deep expertise and experience in the implementation and support of the corporation's solutions in the local markets.

Navicon already enjoys the status of IBM Gold Cognos Partner. The systems integrator has broad expertise regarding the implementation of analytical solutions based on IBM Cognos Analytics, IBM Cognos Express, IBM Cognos TM1, IBM Planning Analytics, which are designed to automate the processes of financial planning, budgeting, and reporting. What Navicon does is the customization of IBM solutions to the needs of particular industry clients: for example, Navicon Budgeting Pharma solution helps the integrator's pharmaceutical clients to efficiently plan their budgets taking into account the specificity of the pharmaceutical requirements and standards. A new product, Navicon AURA, offers its users not only the regular features of report generation and budgeting process formalization, but, more than that, unifies all this into a single end-to-end business process – with standardized master data, controllable forecasting of each KPI, and optimized financial and logistical models.

Besides, Navicon engages in developing innovative solutions in the fields of predictive analytics and business process optimization based on IBM SPSS Statistics and IBM RPA platforms.

Business analytics is a key Navicon specialisation; its importance grows year by year, Navicon experts observe. In 2017, efficient data operations – including the automation of data analysis and the forecasting of business process development scenarios – have turned from a privilege into an essential business component for Navicon's clients. Even small firms and enterprises have managed to fully digitalize their data operations. To a large extent, this was possible due to cloud BI platforms and solutions which do not require a heavy IT infrastructure to be installed and maintained.

With the growth of the business analytics market, the clients' goals started getting more complicated, too. Now companies demand such BI solutions that would help them to derive maximum benefit from data with the minimum spending of resources; besides, those solutions should be highly flexible and scalable in case of a significant growth of the facts and information to process.

«The amount of initial data to be processed by BI systems has been constantly increasing; the data structures have been complexifying, while the clients' needs have been getting more sophisticated. Gone are the days when one had to wait for reports to be uploaded in Excel – now clients want to process data of any kind, format and complexity in a non-stop mode, so that they could get ready-to-use files in a few clicks. That is, the market has ripened for machine learning & data mining products offered by IBM. Since the corporation is one of the forwards in the analytical revolution, we are happy to be a part of the vendor's partner program and to participate in digital business transformation together with IBM.»
Vladimir Sharov, Managing Partner at Navicon.

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