Navicon: Authorized IBM Business Partner for IBM Watson Explorer


			Navicon: Authorized IBM Business Partner for IBM Watson Explorer			Navicon: Authorized IBM Business Partner for IBM Watson Explorer

Navicon, a system integration and software developing company headquartered in Russia, has become an authorized IBM business partner with regard to its product Watson Explorer. This is yet another proof of Navicon's capacity and competence when it comes to the implementation and support of AI-based business solutions. Looking ahead, this allows Navicon to enrich its line of IT solutions for the pharmaceutical and FMCG industries with a cognitive system from a global reliable vendor – the system designed to analyse and interpret data of any kind and format.

IBM Watson Explorer is a platform that can explore and analyse both structured and unstructured data from both internal and external data sources.

IBM Watson Explorer allows a company to bring together all the data scattered across its various accounting and information systems. Pieces of information such as an incoming customer document stored in the company's ECM or the customer's order stored in the CRM will be consolidated in a single data warehouse and displayed on a single dashboard. Moreover, the platform enables the company to discover hidden data patterns and trends, and quickly make well-informed managerial decisions on their basis. IBM Watson Explorer is provided on-premise.   

Navicon experts consider this AI-based platform a very promising solution for marketing and sales management as well as for financial management at Russian pharma and FMCG companies. The system integrator's plans include using IBM Watson Explorer to improve customer journeys, demand forecasting, marketing strategy management, finance and document flow management. Thanks to the thorough understanding of the FMCG and pharmaceutical industries as well as vast automation expertise in those areas, Navicon will be able to tailor IBM Watson Explorer to the particular needs of each of its clients.

«In spite of the growing interest in artificial intelligence, there are still many companies in Russia which are not ready to implement it at the moment. To a significant extent, this is because their leaders are concerned about AI infrastructure safety and security as well as about the quality of AI forecasts and recommendations. I can assure Navicon clients that our solutions based on IBM technologies are reliable.»
Roman Baranov, Director of Business Development at Navicon

According to PwC experts, the number of companies investing into AI technologies will almost double by 2020 in comparison to 2017. A study by TAdviser suggests that the Russian AI market will amount to 28 billion Russian rubles by then, AI to be implemented mainly by retail, finance and industry sectors.

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