Navicon. Data Talks: New Trigger-Based Analytics Platform AYRA, Discussions on Brand Promotion


			Navicon. Data Talks: New Trigger-Based Analytics Platform AYRA, Discussions on Brand Promotion			Navicon. Data Talks: New Trigger-Based Analytics Platform AYRA, Discussions on Brand Promotion

The Navicon. Data Talks forum has taken place for the 9th time in Moscow on September 26, 2019. Experts in such areas as the pharma industry and consumer goods came together to discuss the matters of brand promotion in retail chains, digital methods of brand promotion, and the issue of how to maintain productivity under the increasing pressure of special offers. Navicon team presented its new analytics platform AYRA, to which companies can entrust decisions related to increasing their ROMI and sales.

Navicon. Data Talks is a big conference on the cusp between business and technology, held in Moscow annually. This year the forum has brought together more than 400 participants: top managers, sales directors, bisuness development directors, marketing directors and SFE directors from pharmaceutical and consumer goods' producing companies.

One of the main topics was 'Transform Data Into Action', namely how to move on to letting AI actively participate in decision making and monitor the resulting changes, rather than employing it to merely analyse the data.

Navicon presented its new product – a trigger-based AI analytics platform AYRA designed to manage brand marketing. AYRA gathers and enriches data, monitors relevant figures and chooses business scenarios that would work best for a company. Moreover, the platform forms concrete recommendations as to how to achieve planned KPIs. Based on the decisions already taken, it can proceed to assigning tasks to other systems.

AYRA consists of four modules, each one designed to solve specific problems related to marketing and sales. AYRA.OmniYou module is to increase the ROI of marketing activities as it helps unite all the marketing channels in a single environment; besides, it helps segment the audience and shift the focus of marketing interactions from offline channels to digital ones. AYRA.Promo module allows companies to forecast ROMI of each of its special sales offers, based on the retail chain structure and overall sales forecasting. Also AYRA.Promo can create a digital model of the distribution network, figure out the effectiveness of a particular special offer and single out the factors key to its success. AYRA.Sales is designed to help companies adjust their production plans, optimize their stocks, find the outliers with regard to the expected figures, and calculate bonuses for sales department, retail chains and distributors. Finally, AYRA.SFE module automatically plans visits for sales reps and medical reps; also it takes into account the previous visits to create dynamic KPIs, finds out algorithms to categorize geographical territories, and keeps track on the stock.

Navicon's new product helps automate most of marketing and sales processes. This is in accord with the latest business management trends, as shown by four separate discussions held within the Navicon. Data Talks conference. The participants were talking a lot about the challenges pharmaceutical manufacturers and FMCG companies have been facing, and were discussing how to meet those challenges and implement new features in brand promotion.

Experts from Royal Canin, Utrace, Simple and Festool took part in the 'Brand promotion in CPG' session to discuss the personalization of field force activities in the HoReCa channel and the ways to figure out the correlation of different brand promotion methods to company earnings in the context of geography. Then they passed on the baton to the pharmaceutical experts who shared their own experience of working with retail chains: how medical doctors' perception of digital channels has been evolving, how shelf-stocking analysis has been used to launch new products, and what the latest tendencies of interacting with retail chains have been.

The next session – 'The pressure put by special sales offers on FMCG and CPG brands' – saw the discussion by EFKO and Faberlic specialists on how the manufacturers should cope with the continiously increasing pressure. The final, fourth session was again dedicated to the promotion of pharmaceutical brands, but now with regard to digital marketing. Experts from Breffi, Sanofi, Bayer and Ipsos presented the cases of omni-channel marketing, AI usage in advertising, and having a special web platform for customer support.

The section with individual speeches concluded the forum, its topics being customer data ecosystems, new sources of customer data, the culture of visualization, and how different data types and the right approach to data processing can significantly improve a company's interaction with customers.

The summary is quite clear: one cannot go without latest technology when the challenges are to withstand the increasing pressure of special offers and design an effective brand promotion strategy. Transforming data into action – i.e. entrusting managerial decisions partly to AI instead of employing it merely as an analytical assistant – can be the first step in the right direction.

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