Navicon Clients Can Implement Process Discovery


			Navicon Clients Can Implement Process Discovery			Navicon Clients Can Implement Process Discovery

As the only Kryon's authorized partner in Russia on RPA technology, Navicon is offering Kryon's unique solution Process Discovery which identifies a company's business processes (by means of robots and the AI engine) and then recommends which processes to automate. Moreover, Kryon Process Discovery proceeds to generate automation workflows on its own, thus significantly accelerating both the RPA implementation and the ROI for the client.

Business directors have to be extremely thoughtful these days when it comes to implementing complex IT solutions; this is the only guarantee of the implementation being cost- and labour-effective. Process Discovery (PD) systems are designed to help companies identify their business processes in an efficient way and find the ones most suitable for automation. Importantly, one has to distinct PD systems among Process Mining (PM) systems: the latter collect and analyse logs from all company systems, whereas in order to build business processes based on these data (the 'process discovery' stage) they require the involvement of professional human analysts. The Kryon's solution is different: thanks to its proprietary AI technology, it maps out the business processes, getting them ready to be automated at once.

In addition, Kryon Process Discovery tracks down all the process abnormalities, quickly suggesting ways to optimize the performance.

Having discovered the best 'candidates' for robotic automation, Kryon Process Discovery generates functional automation workflows on its own and prepares them further, thus cutting the time for RPA deployment several-fold. Kryon Process Discovery can be applied even to formally regulated processes, since the regulations are often obsolete, whereas different users carry out a particular process in different ways. Having regulations for a process does not mean this process cannot be automated partially or fully, and Process Discovery will quickly provide respective recommendations.

«In our Center of Innovative Technology, we land cutting-edge technological solutions emerging in the global IT market and contributing significantly to companies' digital transformation. Kryon Process Discovery is a unique solution which allows companies to identify which of their business processes are the most suitable ones for RPA, and to create a functional basis for further automation – without distracting the employees from their duties and without involving the analytical department or third-party analysts at that. Since the demand for such a technology has been huge, Navicon together with Kryon are totally ready to supply the corresponding solution.»
Andrey Kapranov, Director of Navicon's Center of Innovative Technology

«Rephrasing Isaac Asimov: a robot may not, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm through mundane work. Our robots will not start hunting Sarah Connor on your order, but they will easily find and automate the processes that your business needs the most to be automated.»
Michael Rozhkovsky, Regional Pre-Sales Manager at Kryon

About Kryon

Kryon is a leader in enterprise automation, offering the only platform on the market which encompasses both Process Discovery and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). This end-to-end solution maximizes ROI and cuts implementation time by up to 80%. Powered by proprietary AI technology, Kryon Process Discovery™ automatically generates a comprehensive picture of business processes, evaluates them and recommends which ones to automate. Kryon offers attended (desktop) RPA, unattended (virtual-machine-based) RPA and a hybrid combination of both. The company’s award-winning platform is used by enterprises worldwide, including AIG, EY, Deutsche Telecom, Ferring Pharmaceuticals, HP, Microsoft, Santander Bank, Singtel Optus, Sberbank, Verizon, and Wyndham Hotel Group.

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