RPA Service for Mass Recruitment Launched in Russia


			RPA Service for Mass Recruitment Launched in Russia			RPA Service for Mass Recruitment Launched in Russia

ANCOR Holding has launched a new project called Staffjet which is a robotized SaaS-based service for low-skilled staff seeking. The service allows recruiters to cut the costs and increase the speed of vacancy filling; it is already popular with large employers such as retailers, fast food or restaurant chains. At least 15,000 résumés are processed and at least 500 jobseekers get employed monthly within one Staffjet-based project, while the search and selection of an employee have become two times and a half as cheap as before.

Staffjet is not a digital tool for an employer to buy and master. It is a SaaS-based service which a company can use to outsource mass recruiting.

Mass recruitment of ordinary personnel implies a chain of routine operations: one has to compose the vacancy text and publish it on specialized websites, adapt the text for social networks and post it there; scan loads of résumés and select the suitable ones, contact the candidate several times during different selection stages; schedule the interview, send the selected candidate to a medical exam or training, etc. That said, low-skilled jobseekers are being in high demand – in big cities in particular – so the speed and costs of their recruitment are of vital importance. Robotic automation technology helps reduce the costs while maintaining the quality.

Staffjet solution is powered with RPA technology (robotic process automation). Software robots developed by Kofax conduct an automatic search of the candidates and then invite the potential employees to the vacancy page. In case a jobseeker gets interested and applies for the vacancy, another robot comes into action, contacting the candidate and redirecting the call to a free operator of the research call center; then follows a brief telephone interview which is conducted by a human. Pilot projects of Staffjet implementation have shown that exactly the 'robot+human' process arrangement is the most effective one. The number of candidates signed up for the interview amounts to at least 70 % of all the jobseekers who applied for the vacancy after being pre-validated by robots. Staffjet allows one to process a much bigger number of résumés than before and to reduce the percentage of losses, thus increasing both recruitment efficiency and speed. Also it has an analytics module that generates reporting and tracks down the most favorable conditions for recruiting in real time.

Navicon is the company that developed the RPA software for Staffjet to search for jobseekers and validate them. Staffjet connection to external IT services and its integration with the clients' systems via API was also carried out by Navicon.

The process of Staffjet development and launch took eight months. During the development, Navicon specialists together with Staffjet experts were testing different hypotheses as to how software robots can help optimize recruiting and cut the costs of employed candidates. The optimum conditions for the robots' actions to bring the best results have been found. Besides, the developers have connected the system to cloud-based Power BI tools for analytics and visualization which provide the employer with detailed reporting on each of the selection stages. The web application and the mobile app have been designed by The Invaders company.

«The staff recruitment model we've brought to the market combines RPA benefits with the power of human intellect. The process of jobseeker attraction (which is also called 'flow forming'), selection and validation is the most arduous and time-consuming part of recruiting, which indeed benefits from robotic automation. That said, the communication with the candidates is still a human task in order to avoid losses. We managed to cut the costs of candidate search and selection by 2.5 times in four months during the pilot project.»
Natalia Malysheva, Staffjet Project Manager.

«ANCOR has been consistent in its investments into HR digital tools and hi-tech solutions. We are not aiming at replacing the human as we understand perfectly that no one but an HR professional can provide a company with workforce and talented employees, given the incessant uncertainty of the job market which changes daily. However, we invest into the technologies that are going to both accelerate the realization of the human decisions and increase its quality. My sincere opinion is: our future in the market depends on how we develop HR Digital, and in this connection Staffjet is a significant advance; it is the future for us and our partners.»
Sergey Salikov, Chief Executive Officer of ANCOR Holding.

«Staffjet is the first ever custom RPA product in the Russian HR market. Now we are developing this platform further by adding new modules to improve the quality of jobseeker selection. Besides, our specialists are working on integrating Staffjet with the HR systems of its users.»
Maria Averina, FMCG&Retail Partner at Navicon.

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