OmniYou: IT Solution for Pharma Brand Promotion Developed Jointly by Navicon and Breffi


			OmniYou: IT Solution for Pharma Brand Promotion Developed Jointly by Navicon and Breffi			OmniYou: IT Solution for Pharma Brand Promotion Developed Jointly by Navicon and Breffi

Navicon, a system integration and software development company, has joined efforts with Breffi, a company specialized in omnichannel brand promotion, to create an IT solution which helps pharma businesses implement omnichannel marketing. OmniYou is a next-generation technology solution that automates the process of managing digital marketing channels used by a company to comminicate with the target audience. Therefore, pharma companies can carry out their omnichannel strategies in an efficient way, which significantly improves the return on marketing investment.

Today's marketing makes use of many communication channels: phone calls and SMS, social networks and messengers, webinars and conferences, face-to-face visits, etc. That said, medical representative visits is the most effective channel but also the most expensive one, so the task for the marketing specialists is to improve the ROMI. How to do it without losing the efficiency of marketing activities? How to increase the communications' scope and frequency without using traditional, expensive promotion methods?

This task can be solved by transition to omnichannel marketing – which, however, requires a centralized target audience data bank. The vital importance of having such an information hub, in turn, poses new challenges to the IT architecture.

In order to help pharma companies build an effective holistic communication system needed to promote their brands, Navicon and Breffi have created OmniYou – the solution that accumulates and unifies all relevant customer information in the customer data lake. Also OmniYou integrates all comminucation channels, while in addition enriching them with some useful extra data on the target audience.

The IT solution automates the marketing cycle end-to-end, giving brand managers a number of tools to segment customer base, plan and schedule communication cycles, compose sets of trigger-based campaigns, create and adjust the triggers (so that certain communication channels get automatically activeted by certain events), and so on. With OmniYou, marketing specialists obtain all the means needed to ensure the best personalized customer journey to each customer. Besides, the solution includes an analytical module with all kinds of relevant reports so that one can track down the efficiency of ongoing marketing activities.

«Our main purpose is to help pharmaceutical companies improve their ROMI, which means ensuring data quality and consistency, and providing the marketing managers with convenient tools they could use to automate their marketing cycle end-to-end – from strategic planning to the execution and analytics. The solution called OmniYou is based on the technology and business expertise of the two companies which have been dealing a lot with the pharma industry and which understand the current needs of this business pretty well.»
Ilya Naroditsky, OmniYou Product Owner at Navicon.
«There has been a tendency in the pharmaceutical market in the recent years to stop assessing the efficiency of brand marketing in terms of the mere number of packs sold. New approaches to marketing show us that the success of promotional campaigns should rather be defined by the change in how the audience perceives the brand. Here the most important positive indicator is the increased number of the loyal customers – doctors and pharmacists. With OmniYou platform, we help pharmaceutical companies build a transparent system of their marketing activities and thus to develop the communication strategy: the system shows which of the activities have an impact on the target audience loyalty and which should be replaced with something more effective.»
Evgeniy Gordeev, Chief Executive Officer of Breffi.

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