Navicon helps remote staff get used to complex business applications


			Navicon helps remote staff get used to complex business applications			Navicon helps remote staff get used to complex business applications

System integration and development company, Navicon, as an authorized WalkMe partner in Russia, launched the main vendor’s solution on the Russian market. Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) by WalkMe is a solution, which creates effective collaboration environment among employees and business applications. Demand for this solution increased dramatically in February and March this year, when companies faced a necessity to transfer all their staff to remote work.

In current situation some companies faced decrease in efficiency of their staff’s work, when employees had to work from home. Sometimes it is caused by necessity to work simultaneously with several business applications, some of which can be not so familiar to employees. If at the office such issues can be sold by asking colleagues or IT support for help, now employees are face-to-face with complicated business applications.

To help business in transforming business processes and professionals in more effective collaboration with business applications under current conditions, new technologies such as Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) can be extremely useful. WalkMe became the first developer in the world that created such solution. WalkMe digital adaptation platform is used by more than 2000 companies all over the world, including those on Fortune 500 list.

Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) WalkMe is used as an upper-layer for applications, which are used by a user. Built-in new generation learning tools help a user during the whole process: they give clues what actions the user should take to accomplish different processes. As a result adaptation and self-learning take much less time. The platform can be used even for more convenient and fast collaboration with the systems, which are familiar to a user. Because of the tools, which use artificial intelligence technology, WalkMe can track difficult stages of work with applications and analyze them. Then the platform suggests a short and simple sequence of actions.

Advantages of WalkMe in current situation are already highly estimated by international companies. Recently, a large international insurance company, which hired new employees for remote work at its contact center, faced a problem that conducting training offline, as usual, will be impossible. WalkMe offered three-stage plan to solve this problem, which can be applied to companies of other industries, including those operating in Russia.

1. Digital adaptation program, which allow new employees to process applications since the first day at work. Thanks to quick setting options for a wide range of applications, deployment of solution takes just a few days.

2. Development of self-service content both for new and for existing service products, which are provided in digital form, in order to decrease workload of support service and call center.

3. Optimization of collaboration process between users and applications using analytics and partial automation to reduce processing time for messages and increase productivity.

“WalkMe is a unique solution, which helps companies to create convenient environment for their employees. Using flexible navigation and system of clues, this technology leads users as a GPS navigator when they work with difficult tasks and multistage processes. It is a real virtual “instructor” and helper, which is very useful in current situation, when offline ways of communication are unavailable and business figures depend on how people collaborate online.”
Andrey Kapranov, Director of Innovation Technology Center at Navicon

«In the foreseeable future most of employees worldwide will work remotely and business must have a plan to ensure long-term productivity and potential of such work. Regularity of operations is critical in times of uncertainty. Companies will profit from digital adaptation solutions. Furthermore, they should follow strategy of priority digitalization in order to provide their employees with tools that will support their work in these hard times.».
Raphael Sveri, President and Co-founder of WalkMe

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