Navicon launched solution for medical representatives’ remote work


			Navicon launched solution for medical representatives’ remote work			Navicon launched solution for medical representatives’ remote work

System integration and development company Navicon expanded its line of industry solutions for pharmaceutical companies with its new product Navicon Connect. This solution automates remote communication of pharmaceutical company’s field staff with customers. Using this solution, medical representatives can keep necessary frequency of contacts with doctors, choose an optimal scenario of remote visits and reach their KPIs.

Spread of coronavirus created a new challenge for pharmaceutical companies. Field staff when visiting hospitals and pharmacies faces risk of being infected as well as high workload of doctors and pharmacists. As a result, efficiency of personal visits decreases dramatically or it becomes impossible to do such visits. Situation is getting worse because medical representatives take sick leave or go to quarantine, which puts KPIs on the lowest level.

Navicon quickly analyzed current situation and focused on helping its clients and other market players. As a result, they developed a solution, which will help pharmaceutical companies to transfer their field staff to remote work with doctors and pharmacists. Navicon Connect can be quickly deployed in the cloud, which meets requirements of current legislation, and does not require change of CRM system, which was used before for visiting activities. Medical representatives can do remote visits from anywhere, using computer, phone or tablet with Internet connection.

The first version of this solution includes the following:
  • Call creation and calling from a client’s profile;
  • Loading of calling script depending on type of a client;
  • Filling of questionnaire by a medical representative during a call;
  • Tracking of client calls’ results;
  • Creation of calling tasks when a client cannot be reached;
  • Application for call recording.

This solution can be integrated with existing active client base of a medical representative and telephony, which allows automatic logging of all data about outgoing calls. Incoming and missed calls will be also saved in relation to a medical representative and a client because of built-in identification by phone number with opportunity to create automatically a connected calling task for medical representatives.

When planning remote visit, medical representatives can choose one of several available scripts, which are the most relevant and effective for work with a specific client. All results of conducted calls and call tracking data can be included in system reporting (or other integrated solution) for control and checking of medical representatives’ work by pharmaceutical company’s management.

In the future versions of Navicon Connect additional functionality will be added. It will lead to expanding range of tasks, which can be completed during remote visits, and increased solution efficiency.

“Remote visits were an effective alternative previously as well, but now they can become the only channel of direct contact with doctors and pharmacists. That is why pharmaceutical companies need to learn as quickly as possible how they can manage remote work of their medical representatives. When situation will be stabilized, a part of visits can remain remote, which will decrease expenses and increase productivity of field staff work.”
Evgeniy Smirnov, Commercial Director and Partner Pharma&FMCG at Navicon

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