Navicon deployed Track & Trace solution at the Russian branch of Chiesi Group


			Navicon deployed Track & Trace solution at the Russian branch of Chiesi Group			Navicon deployed Track & Trace solution at the Russian branch of Chiesi Group

System integration and development company, Navicon, finalized solution deployment of L4 level, Utrace Hub, which is a cloud Track & Trace solution for Chiesi Group in Russian Federation. The first wave of the project was done on time and pharmaceutical manufacturer was ready to import serial products already in the first quarter of 2020.

Chiesi Group is a global pharmaceutical company, founded more than 80 years ago in Italy.

The company specializes in development and manufacturing of original remedies used in pulmonology, neonatology and treatment of other rare diseases. In 2006 a Russian branch was established.

Before deployment of this IT solution, Chiesi did a full audit of business processes concerning movement of serial products. Analysis of business processes and development of new ones, which ensure compatibility with mandatory Track & Trace requirements, were done by consulting company KPMG. Moreover, KPMG professionals provided Chiesi with current support in regulation and methodological issues. Results were transferred to Navicon for development of specifications based on requirements to IT solution Utrace Hub and IT phase of the project.

The first wave of the project, started in February 2019, was aimed at circulation of serial products, which were imported from Italy for customs warehouse sales. Preparation of company processes to transferring data to IS MDLP (Information System of Remedy Circulation Monitoring) was finished in November 2019. Currently Utrace Hub solution is used in the company. The second wave of the project started simultaneously. It concerns processes of contract manufacturing and distribution and it is planned to finish it in the first quarter of 2020.

“I am glad to congratulate my colleagues with finishing the first wave of the project. I suppose that the key success factor was excellent collaboration inside the project team. Despite the fact that the team included representatives of four companies – Chiesi, KPMG, Navicon, Utrace – everybody was cooperating. In such a complicated project as Track & Trace, where changes occur all the time and a lot of unknowns are present, constructive communications and “win-win” position of all parties are “must have”.
Konstantin Ivanov, CEO Utrace.
"Duration of our project is the best illustration of how complex and many-sided serialization is. Deep consideration of all tasks took months, even having a very good speed of collaboration, which we had from the very beginning. We highly appreciate trust of our colleagues from Chiesi and Utrace in our competencies, and gladly approach the finish line of our project in full cycle product monitoring".
Viktoria Samsonova, Head of Healthcare and Pharmaceutics Business Line at KPMG, in Russia and CIS.
“Professional team and result-oriented work are keys to success! I gladly congratulate all my colleagues with successful and complex serialization project!”
Olga Milaieva, CFO at Chiesi Pharmaceuticals

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