Solution based on Navicon MDM helps LabQuest send information about tests to EMIAS


			Solution based on Navicon MDM helps LabQuest send information about tests to EMIAS			Solution based on Navicon MDM helps LabQuest send information about tests to EMIAS

System integration and software development company, Navicon implemented a solution for electronic cooperation “SMEV.Lab” based on Navicon MDM at LabQuest by request of ”MedInvestGroup”. It made possible integration between the laboratory and the partner clinics to exchange information about test requests and their results.

In regard to pandemic, Navicon arranged automated data transfer about tests for COVID-19 to Unified medical information analytics system (EMIAS).

Earlier tests for coronavirus were done only in laboratories, approved by Rospotrebnadzor (Russian state authority) to do such tests. However, during the latest months a number of those who want to be tested increased and resources of those laboratories were not enough. Private clinics and laboratories could do testing under a condition that they will quickly provide information to EMIAS about conducted tests.

LabQuest laboratory, a part of ”MedInvestGroup”, joined the initiative. Shortly before that Navicon professionals, on request of “MedInvestGroup”, implemented “SMEV.Lab” based on Navicon’s own solution Navicon MDM. It synchronized data flows between the partner clinics, where samples were taken, and the laboratory’s offices, where the testing was done. This solution put aside manual data exchange.

In order to help the organizations, belonging to “MedInvestGroup”, to conduct tests for COVID-19, the Navicon’s team organized automated coronavirus test data transfer to EMIAS. Now all requests for such tests are processed through the new system: data synchronization among clinics, laboratory and EMIAS is arranged in real time.

“In today’s world everybody has to join efforts to strive against pandemic. Navicon, for example, intended to help LabQuest and its partners to quickly exchange data with EMIAS, in order to conduct tests for coronavirus. Now there are already three clinics working with requests through our solution, and later more medical organizations can be connected to this solution.”
Denis Lyasnikov, Business Development Director at Navicon

“The new solution implementation was done by Navicon professionals with high quality and on time. Automated data exchange among several systems significantly decreased workload on our employees. That is important considering rapid growth of coronavirus tests.”
Oleg Lysikov, Deputy General Director at LabQuest.

“Alongside with implementation of SMEV.Lab at LabQuest, we needed to connect to EMIAS in order to send requests and get test results for COVID-19. It was extremely important to set information exchange as soon as possible. Thanks to high qualification of EMIAS and Navicon’s teams we completed this task very fast.”
Pavel Toymentsev, Digital Transformation Director at “MedInvestGroup”

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