Navicon FMCG BI is available in Microsoft Azure cloud


			Navicon FMCG BI is available in Microsoft Azure cloud			Navicon FMCG BI is available in Microsoft Azure cloud

System integration and software development company, Navicon has migrated its analytics solution for FMCG companies to Microsoft Azure cloud. Now Navicon’s clients decrease cost of local infrastructure and use analytical capacity of Azure Data Platform preparing their reports, including AI and big data tools.

Navicon FMCG BI is aimed at simplifying companies’ assessment of its efficiency, including product promotion. The system provides tools to analyze the whole sales chain, activities and efficiency of field staff, to control partners in following contract terms and position of the products among rivals’ products, as well as to calculate prime cost up to SKU. Navicon’s clients also use FMCG BI for bonus calculation for sales representatives, control of accounts receivable, arrangement of P&L structure and other tasks. The solution can work with data from CRM, ERP, CLM and other systems, which were previously implemented in a company as well as databases.

Thanks to migration of Navicon FMCG BI to Microsoft Azure cloud Navicon’s clients:

  • can use advanced analytics, including the one for work with big data;
  • can decrease cost of local infrastructure;
  • can get reports and insights in any part of the world and on any device;
  • can quickly scale cloud storage resources, when needed, and, correspondingly, computing capacity of Azure Data Platform.

Now companies can choose the most relevant version of the solution among those offered by the system integration company:

1. Deployment of Navicon FMCG BI on local servers of FMCG companies. This way can be chosen by those, who have enough computing capacity and whose security policy does not allow putting data into cloud.

2. Hybrid scenario. It will be relevant for those, who would want to store data on local infrastructure and use innovative tools for its analysis, which are available in Microsoft Azure cloud.

3. Cloud scenario. It will be suitable for a wide range of companies, which need additional Azure Data Platform tools – big data analytics and AI. Besides, companies, which have just started developing their BI competencies, can lower cost of experiment starting with low capacity and without capital costs.

“In times of high uncertainty for FMCG companies it is important to make fast decisions based on reliable facts. However, information, needed for analysis, is often in different systems, and manual monitoring becomes almost impossible. Microsoft technologies, which are basis for Navicon FMCG BI solution, allow working with data from different resources, of different degree of cleanliness and structure. Navicon’s expertise in FMCG analytics helps to offer clients specific analytical mechanisms, structures and sets of reports. And thanks to integration with Microsoft Azure, our clients can now use advanced analytics tools: they do very easily analysis of big volumes of unstructured data.”
Maksim Ozerov, FMCG&Pharma Project Director at Navicon

“Microsoft encourages creation of partner solutions, which provide competitive advantages to companies of different industries. Now the analytics solution for FMCG can be deployed using cloud and hybrid scenario. That is why Navicon clients can use all advantages of cloud IT model, for example, access on any device from anywhere in the world. Putting Navicon FMCG BI to Azure cloud is a significant step for the system integration company because it makes easier to access international markets.”
Aleksandr Belenkiy, Director of Department for SMB Partner Cooperation at Microsoft, Russia

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