Navicon now offers ThoughtSpot’s Search & AI-Driven Analytics Platform


			Navicon now offers ThoughtSpot’s Search & AI-Driven Analytics Platform			Navicon now offers ThoughtSpot’s Search & AI-Driven Analytics Platform

CITY – RELEASE DATE -- Navicon, a leading System integration and IT company, has signed a reseller agreement with ThoughtSpot, headquartered in Sunnyvale, California to bring ThoughtSpot’s search and AI-driven analytics platform, which puts the power of 1000 analysts into the hands of non-technical business people without requiring any special training, to Navicon customers. With ThoughtSpot any user can search using simple language to instantly answer questions and get insights they can act on. ThoughtSpot works with data from any source, and can scale to terabytes of data without sacrificing performance.

In many companies reports are being developed by dedicated analyst teams. But there are much fewer professionals on these teams than those who use analytical reports for their business. As a result, preparation of those reports can take a lot of time and they become irrelevant very fast. Meanwhile, employees responsible for decision making must quickly react to changes in business and on the market, often more quickly than these reports can be created.

A new approach to work with data was offered by ThoughtSpot’s search & AI-driven analytics platform. The company has been among leaders of Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms for two years in a row. ThoughtSpot empowers business users to find their own data insights without having to rely on analyst professionals for every query or question. Anyone, from executives to frontline managers, who communicate with clients can use the platform with a simple search on unlimited data volumes. These volumes can be from dozens of terabytes to billions of records. There’s also no limit for the number of users, making this solution truly unique on BI market.

When using ThoughtSpot, any user can type keywords in the search line and in return get a required report with the speed of thought. With ThoughtSpot’s AI-driven analytics engine, SpotIQ, can go deeper, getting insights to questions they didn’t even know to ask by pointing SpotIQ at a topic, a keyword or a diagram, and the system immediately generates complementary insights.

It is important to highlight that ThoughtSpot’s platform can work with any corporate application and a database that are located both in cloud and on-premise. If a user takes data from several sources, this platform finds connections that allow creating reports with highly detailed information. With ThoughtSpot Embrace, customers can query directly in popular cloud data warehouses, like Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, and Google BigQuery.

“A lot of professionals need reports “here and now”. This need defines the direction of BI market development: there are solutions that bring business analytics to an absolutely new level using artificial intelligence and machine learning. ThoughtSpot is not just a platform, which performs multilevel analysis and provides users with an opportunity to generate reports on their own. Thanks to the technology of natural language processing, a professional can conduct a “dialog” with the system and his/her own data: ask questions on reports and insights as well as manage priorities. ThoughtSpot is an analytical assistant that can be addressed any time. That is why we are extremely glad to become a ThoughtSpot reseller and be able to offer our clients this best-in-class solution.”
Andrey Kapranov, Director of Innovation Technologies Center at Navicon

“Organizations need fast access to insights to guide decision making now, more than ever, yet many are held back by legacy technologies that require specialized talent and impede agility. By working with Navicon, we’re going to be able to bring the power of search and AI-driven analytics to enterprises who are ready to transform their organization”.
Mark Mason, ThoughtSpot.

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