Navicon is among top 10 largest companies on Russian BI market


			Navicon is among top 10 largest companies on Russian BI market			Navicon is among top 10 largest companies on Russian BI market

System integration and development company, Navicon joined the list of ten largest providers of analytics solutions in Russia according to TAdviser (Russian IT media company). Last year the company earned 467 million RUR on Business Analytics projects that is 46% higher than 2018’s figures. The rating and the review “Business Intelligence (Russian market)” are prepared by TAdviser’s analytical center and count IT companies’ data for 2018-2019.

Russian Business Analytics market is growing despite economic consequences of pandemic. Navicon’s experts pointed out that demand for BI solutions has been growing this year. However, recent events have definitely influenced customers’ demand.

Currently a lot of companies are interested in predictive analytics. Operational forecasts with high level of precision and details allow more effective planning of production and sales, as well as improvement of client service. Besides, companies are trying to analyze data about their clients in order to find the most loyal audiences and promote its products and services among them. Moreover, this year Navicon’s experts noticed clients’ desire to analyze return on investment for different promotion channels and reassign money based on conclusions gained through BI solutions.

So that companies can choose the most suitable tools to solve these tasks, Navicon made some changes in its portfolio of data analytics solutions. First, the company migrated two of its own industry specific solutions to Microsoft Azure cloud – Navicon FMCG BI and Pharma BI. Now its clients can use analytics services and get reports and insights anywhere in the world. Second, Navicon launched a new solution, aimed at field staff’s work control and analytics for pharmaceutical and FMCG companies – Navicon SFE BI. This solution helps to manage field force’s KPI, analyze its visiting activity and control how partners are following contract terms.

Besides, Navicon became the first Russian partner of ThoughtSpot, which developed a solution for Search and AI-Driven Analytics. This solution uses tools for natural language processing. Using it, any employee can type in search bar key words or figures and get a required report. The system is enhanced by artificial intelligence, which makes it a true “intellectual” assistant for all company’s employees, who need additional insights, which are important for decision making.

«Business Analytics is one of key business lines for Navicon. Expertise, accumulated by our professionals, and collaboration with world’s largest BI solution vendors allow us to solve our clients’ problems at any level of complexity. They are changing now. Solutions become more complex: for example, dashboards are complemented by trigger analytics. Furthermore, many customers do not stop when they implement analytical tools and ask us about help with development of their own competence centers – both in analytics and data management».
Vladimir Sharov, CEO at Navicon

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