Navicon launched a solution for field force’s complex control and analytics


			Navicon launched a solution for field force’s complex control and analytics			Navicon launched a solution for field force’s complex control and analytics

System integration and development company, Navicon launched a new analytics solution. Navicon SFE BI is a complex solution, which enables pharmaceutical and FMCG companies to manage goals and KPI of field force and make high quality analytics of their visiting activity. Besides, the companies will be able to control how contract terms are followed by retail and pharmacy chains, and find potential anomalies in data from partners. This solution can be placed both in a cloud and on a local server.

About 30% of the budget assigned by pharmaceutical companies and FMCG manufacturers to their promotion goes to sales and medical representatives. That is why it is necessary to control their activity and analyze visiting activities using qualitative and quantitative parameters. However, analysis can be complicated because of the fact that data for the project is stored in different sources. It makes manual monitoring almost impossible.

A new solution, developed by Navicon, includes flexible and convenient tools for monitoring and analytics aimed at managers of field staff, and an option of gaining mobile analytical report for sales and medical representatives themselves. Navicon Sales Force Efficiency (SFE) BI is built on high productivity Microsoft analytical tools such as: SQL Server, SQL Server Analysis Services and Power BI. This solution can gather, store and analyze data from different sources, for example, CRM, CLM, ERP, sales databases. Depending on companies needs SFE BI can be deployed in Microsoft Azure cloud or on local server.

Using this solution pharmaceutical and FMCG companies can accomplish several tasks:

  • to control field staff activity as well as manage their goals and KPI;
  • to make work of sales and medical representatives more effective providing them with tools for KPI control;
  • to measure quantitatively added value actions of sales representatives;
  • to manage point of sales potential, define territories of growth and those lying behind;
  • to identify quality of point of sales’ categorization and quickly react to external changes;
  • to control how retail and pharmacy chains follow contract terms;
  • to calculate how points of sales align with Perfect Store.

«Navicon SFE BI combines best practices of sales representatives’ management in different industries. Data gathering modules in this product allow reducing time required for preparation and calculation of field staff KPI. Modules of visual and mobile analytics allow sales representatives monitor their KPI daily and see effect of their actions. Implementation of this modern and complex solution will lead to higher return from points of sales and sales growth».
Mikhail Ozerov, Pharma&FMCG Project Director at Navicon

«Microsoft encourages creation of partner solutions, which provide competitive advantages to companies from different industries. Navicon’s solution for complex control and field staff work analytics will help FMCG and pharmaceutical companies to increase their efficiency. Placement of Navicon SFE BI in Azure cloud will make it simpler for the company to offer this solution internationally».
Alexandr Belenkiy, Director of Partner Relations Department at Microsoft, Russia

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