EPM Group and Navicon automated sales and technical support


			EPM Group and Navicon automated sales and technical support			EPM Group and Navicon automated sales and technical support

System integration and development company, Navicon deployed CRM solution Terrasoft Creatio at EPM Group. Project team created unified database of clients and suppliers, as well as automated business processes, which are connected to sales and technical support. As a result, employees of the company got a single tool to control incoming requests and processing time decreased dramatically.

EPM Group specializes in production, import and export of cathode, electrode and other cole-graphite products. Among company’s clients are different companies of aluminum, steel, ferroalloy, engineering and chemical industries, as well as producers of cast iron, phosphorus and abrasive materials. EPM Group factories are located in Novosibirsk, Chelyabinsk and Novocherkassk. In 2010 the company’s office was opened in Berlin.

The company has a lot of customers, suppliers and contractors. However, information about them was stored in different sources. Moreover, a lot of business processes, connected to sales and customer support, were not automated, which made it more difficult to control deals and work with client requests. EPM Group’s senior management made a decision to implement CRM solution, which would automate these business processes, make them simpler and accelerate work with client requests.

The project was done in collaboration with Navicon. At first, a team of EMP Group’s employees and Navicon’s professionals, created a unified database, where all information about clients, partners, contractors and relations with them was stored. Then two modules of Terrasoft Creatio (former bpm’online) CRM solution were deployed in EPM Group – Sales Creatio and Service Creatio.

Sales Creatio module helps to create a detailed profile for each contractor and develop the best collaboration tactics, as well as provides an environment for work with different types of sales. Each stage – from client’s needs analysis and contract to product shipping – is strictly regulated and all routine processes are automated. Because of this EPM Group’s employees can make faster deals and control all sales aspects online.

Using Service Creatio, technical support professionals can quickly process incoming requests: the system classifies them based on channel (phone, email), transfers processing to responsible employees and automatically closes requests when all tasks associated with them are completed. Those working with the request can check analytics for different aspects: categories, periods and topics, dynamics of registration and closing, statistics about current requests.

«The system was implemented in four Russian cities and in the company’s office in Berlin. These units are not only located in different time zones, but also differ based on their business processes. That is why besides just creating a unified client database and transparent request workflow, we had to unify processes in the new CRM system so that users from different offices could effectively work with it».
Sofia Totmakova, Leader of CRM&RPA Practice at Navicon.

«EPM Group delivers its products to 60 countries and it is extremely important for us to provide effective customer support to all clients. Thanks to the solution, implemented in collaboration with Navicon, our employees now have access to the whole history of interactions with clients in relation to sales and technical support. Besides, because of customer service regulation automation we decreased processing time for incoming requests and started seeing their status online».
Aleksey Sled, Head of Business Application Development and Support at EPM Group.

During the project it was developed a pack of project documentation, which will be used for other IT projects in EPM Group. At the moment more than 80 users from five cities are working in the system. Some time ago a project of system support and development has started. It covered more than 20 tasks, which enhanced solution functionality. In future current processes will be developed and new processes will be automated, and users from other business units will be connected to the system.

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