HAWE Hydraulik streamlines sales, purchase and storage management with Navicon


			HAWE Hydraulik streamlines sales, purchase and storage management with Navicon			HAWE Hydraulik streamlines sales, purchase and storage management with Navicon

System integration and software development company, Navicon provided HAWE Hydraulik’s subsidiary in Moscow with the newest version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP solution. The project was finished extremely fast - it took just 3 months. HAWE Hydraulik’s employees got convenient tools for purchase, sales, storage management, and tax and accounting report preparation, which take into consideration specific business processes inside the company.

HAWE Hydraulik is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hydraulic components and systems and has been operating for more than 70 years. The company’s head office and manufacturing facilities are located in Munich. Its subsidiaries in different countries are offering customer support and engineering services. In autumn 2020 one of HAWE Hydraulik’s subsidiaries started operating in Moscow, Russia. In order to ensure stable operations top management decided to implement an ERP solution. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central was chosen for the project because it is also used in other company’s subsidiaries.

The team, which consisted of Navicon professionals and HAWE Hydraulik’s head office employees, implemented the recent version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 2020 Release Wave 1 in its Moscow office. First of all modules for sales, purchase and storage management were set. Their standard functionality was enhanced by key developments provided by the head office’s IT team. These components are used in other HAWE Hydraulik’s subsidiaries as well. Because of these enhancements the IT solution ensures management of purchases, storage operations and sales in compliance with the company’s business processes.

Moreover, the accounting reporting module was also implemented in the Moscow office of the company. Navicon professionals made some developments in the module so that it complies with Russian regulations and HAWE Hydraulik’s specific business processes. In particular, document creation and storing processes were set using this solution. In total 85 functions were automated using new ERP.

After the solution was deployed, Navicon’s team trained HAWE’s employees on how to work with this ERP solution.

«The main trait of the project is how fast it was completed. All work was completed during three months. It is an extremely short period for full ERP implementation and setup. Besides, at that moment the latest version of MS Dynamics 365 Business Central has never been implemented in Russia before. Therefore, there were no successful cases to take as an example. However, thanks to active collaboration with HAWE Hydraulik’s IT professionals and our ability to adapt the best international practices to Russian market, the project was completed on time and with great success».
Sabrina Mironova, Head of Navicon’s Saint Petersburg office

«We got a high quality and reliable ERP solution, which allows us to effectively manage resources and business processes in the company. HAWE uses the most modern management solutions from the world’s leading solution providers. In compliance with HAWE’s international standards we have successfully implemented Dynamics 365 Business Central by Microsoft in the Russian subsidiary. Solution’s internal structure was set in cooperation with Navicon based on deep functionality analysis and local requirements, as well as simplicity and speed. We are going to further develop this ERP solution, however Business Central’s functionality is already enough in order to provide our customers in Russia and CIS countries with excellent HAWE products and high quality service».
Aleksadr Riabov, CEO of OOO “HAWE Hydraulik”

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