Navicon is Terrasoft’s Partner of the Year


			Navicon is Terrasoft’s Partner of the Year			Navicon is Terrasoft’s Partner of the Year

System integration and software development company Navicon was recognized as “Partner of the Year. Marketing” on ACCELERATE Global, an international online conference for business and IT leaders, which was organized by Terrasoft. Vendor emphasized the company's active participation in preparation of joint events and high level of expertise, which Navicon has been broadcasting on the market during this year.

Terrasoft’s partner community includes more than 700 companies all over the world. At the conference ACCELERATE Global the company awarded its best partners. Navicon got an award as Partner of the Year in Marketing. Terrasoft has noted that Navicon has been actively writing about vendor’s activities and took part in preparation of joint events, where Navicon shared its knowledge and expertise in automation of business processes through CRM solutions.

Moreover, this year Navicon made several projects implementing Creatio. In particular, sales and tech support were automated in EPM Group. Navicon implemented the solution in four company’s offices in Russia as well as in its office in Berlin. In OSG Records Management it created a unified environment for sales, client relation and marketing management. Further development of Sales and Service modules done by Navicon provided unique tools for client’s employees. For example, prices can be indexed now separately for each particular client depending on inflation and contract terms.

«Our congratulations to Navicon for getting the award! It is a well-deserved achievement. During a whole year our partner has actively participated in our marketing activities and product promotion of Creatio as well as shared its unique expertise with the market. We thank Navicon for the collaboration and wish them getting new achievements».
Aleksey Klochkov, Managing Director at Terrasoft Russia

«We are sincerely grateful to Terrasoft for the award and productive collaboration. CRM business is one of the key areas for Navicon and we have a serious approach to both team management and our solution providers, and Terrasoft is one of the best CRM vendors in the world. A high level of our expertise and experience of our professionals give us an opportunity to offer the best automation opportunities using Creatio. I suppose that this is the secret of our successful partnership»
Sofia Totmakova, Leader of CRM&RPA Practice at Navicon

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