Navicon standardizes marketing, customer service and sales processes at OSG Records Management


			Navicon standardizes marketing, customer service and sales processes at OSG Records Management			Navicon standardizes marketing, customer service and sales processes at OSG Records Management

System integration and software development company Navicon has finished implementation of Creatio by Terrasoft in the Russian office of OSG Records Management. As a result of the project, client's employees have a unified environment for marketing, sales and client relations management. Furthermore, Navicon’s professionals have enhanced Sales and Service modules in order to provide the customer with unique tools, which include indexation of prices for each particular customer based on contract terms.

Russian office of OSG Records Management started its operations in 1998. At the moment it is one of the biggest archive organizations that is specialized on storing, processing and destruction of paper and electronic documents. Services of OSG Records Management are provided for insurance companies, banks, telecom, healthcare, pharmaceutical industry and retail.

For a long time processes of request processing and client work were scattered in the company. It made it difficult to check the current stage of the process, track business process efficiency and quickly access information about the company's customers. OSG Records Management came to a conclusion that the company needs a unified platform, which will standardize sales, customer service and marketing processes and provide quick access to client information and history of interactions.

Creatio (former bpm’online) was chosen as a CRM solution. The project was done by Navicon, one of Terrasoft’s partners. All three modules - Sales Creatio, Service Creatio and Marketing Creatio were implemented in OSG Records Management.

Using Sales module company’s employees can manage all interactions with clients - from the first contact to sale and contract preparation in one interface. Navicon professionals made some corrections in the system and now it is possible to work with different types of sales: classic, tender, upsell on current contract. Moreover, they made indexation of individual prices for the whole client base that takes into consideration inflation and contract terms. Furthermore, Sales Creatio informs managers if contracts are about to expire.

Service Creatio module processes requests. The system automatically classifies them based on request channel (through sales manager, via phone, via email, using official letters), assigns them to the units inside the company and closes them automatically after the request is resolved. Using this module OSG Records Management’s employees can work with tasks: each of them is registered in the system and the customer can be informed about how long it will take to complete it. Some changes were done to Service Creatio as well. These enhancements considered the company's specific business processes. They helped to solve customer loss: after registration of a request the system makes checking based on operation in order to identify customers who want to take everything away from the archive, then it notifies the managers. This way they can do something on time in order to retain customers.

Marketing Creatio module was deployed with its standard functionality. Using this module employees of OSG Records Management can manage marketing campaigns and multichannel communications with clients. Navicon professionals made it convenient to work with Creatio, in particular, they made an integration with ATS, Email and DaData.

«One of the main success factors was active collaboration of OSG Records Management’s team. Company’s employees moved some data to Creatio from other information systems and further developed those systems, which were considered for integration with CRM after its implementation. They have also worked on integration module, which made it easier for the solutions to communicate with each other».
Sofia Totmakova, Leader of CRM&RPA Practice at Navicon

The companies point out that there is an opportunity for further automation of business processes, which are done manually at the moment or using other information systems. It will make the CRM a single point of entry for storing and analysis of data about interactions with the clients.

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