Tele2 implements Kryon RPA and develops robots with Navicon


			Tele2 implements Kryon RPA and develops robots with Navicon			Tele2 implements Kryon RPA and develops robots with Navicon

System integrator and developer, Navicon, and Tele 2, a mobile operator, have implemented a joint project for robotisation and the creation of local centres of excellence (LCC) for RPA. Tele2 has implemented a platform Kryon Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Navicon also conducted training for developers and employees of the LCC business units, after which more than 70 software robots were developed in the company. The project allowed Tele2 specialists to automate routine business processes without resorting to IT specialists independently.

Tele2 provides communication services in 68 regions and pays excellent attention to digital transformation. Tele2 strives to promote the development of technical competencies among employees of business units outside the IT department. Thanks to this approach, they will be able to independently participate in the automation processes without the active involvement of developers. To automate several processes within business units and provide their employees with more opportunities to solve complex and creative tasks, the company decided to implement an RPA solution and create local centres of competence (LCC) for robotisation in these units. The Kryon Robotic Process Automation solution was chosen due to its friendly and straightforward interface, enabling one to learn how to create software robots independently even without programming skills.

Tele2 implemented the solution together with a system integration company, Navicon. First, employees of the IT company helped to deploy and configure the key, after which they conducted training on the development of robots for twenty Tele2 employees. In just four days, each of them, with the support of Navicon, created and operated their own robots. In addition to them, another 70 employees attended the course. Some of whom developed software robots with the support of the Tele2 IT department. After the end of the maintenance program, Navicon conducted a shortened training program, which lasted two days. Accordingly, out of 60 employees in the sales department - 40 developed robots in a mere month.

Thus, Tele2 employees have created more than 70 robots: more than half of them being able to work autonomously on the server. Also, as a result of the project, the company has its own Kryon RPA Competence Center, which began working on eight LCCs in different business units.

“The results of the project are impressive: in just three months, we were able to develop more than 70 other software robots, which now take over a part of the routine tasks of employees. At the same time, the speed of work was relatively high: for example, with support from the IT department, some developers from the LCC created robots in just one workday. But even in other cases, the development took much less time than RPA solutions usually require. Due to the robot, thanks to the capabilities of Kryon, being created by an LCC employee who knows best the business particulars. This eliminates the need to involve an analyst from the IT department and does not waste time on additional analysis. An essential part of success, in my opinion, is well-established and active interaction with the team of the IT partner. Navicon professionals helped to track the progress of employees undergoing training and fully accompanied the development process.”
Bogdan Gusak, Process Robotisation and Project Manager, Tele2

“In our opinion, the demand for self-service systems designed to solve various business problems has grown significantly - it is one of the main IT trends. Customers are increasingly interested in independent work with solutions and creating their centres of competencies for certain technologies. Tele2, as a company of one of the most technologically advanced industries, is no exception. We are glad that our colleagues highly appreciated the capabilities of the Kryon platform. This is a truly self-service system that allows a business to get results faster and automate more processes during a certain period. The platform also allows one to avoid the queue in the IT department as the employees create robots themselves. They, therefore, can distribute efforts depending on the priority of automation of certain processes.”
Sergey Sui-Kei-Min, Project Manager, Navicon

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