Navicon is among the leaders of the Russian ERP market


			Navicon is among the leaders of the Russian ERP market			Navicon is among the leaders of the Russian ERP market

System integrator and developer - Navicon - was included in the list of ten largest Russian suppliers of ERP solutions. The rating and review "ERP systems in Russia" were and are prepared by the TAdviser analytical centre and took into account work data of IT companies for 2018-2019. In 2019, the company earned 651 million rubles due to the implementation of ERP projects in various directions.

The ERP direction is one of the main in Navicon: the company’s history began with developing competencies for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV product. To date, Navicon continues to cooperate with Microsoft in terms of ERP solutions: the integrator offers client consultations and services for migration to the new versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly NAV) and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. The vendor’s awards have repeatedly noted the high level of projects implemented by the ERP division. The highest expertise of the company's specialists plays an essential role in this. As a result, Navicon pays excellent attention to the development of the ERP division. So far, the integrator has managed to assemble the largest team of Business Central specialists in Russia and the CIS.

The company's experts note that the ERP market, despite the consequences of the pandemic, remains stable. This is because the demand for solutions did not fall: on the contrary, the unpredictability of the situation for some companies became an incentive to automate resource management and implement an ERP system, and for others - to upgrade a previously implemented solution or introduce new development projects. For example, for several clients, Navicon automated the processes necessary for the comfortable work of employees "working from home" and integrated electronic document management with the ERP solution. The past year also allowed the company's specialists to develop the competencies necessary for remote implementation and platform migration - they have implemented several projects in part or wholly in this format.

Among the prominent trends that Navicon sees in this market is the simplification of integrating an ERP system into a single IT ecosystem of the company. Experts note that this task was often solved through custom development earlier, but now platforms allow businesses to implement integration independently. The next trend - the renewal of ERP systems - is partially related to the first one since the new versions of the platforms provide much more straightforward and modern tools for integration. Navicon experts also believe that companies have begun to show more interest in cloud capacities and are more likely to transfer their IT infrastructures, including the ERP system, to the clouds, often to the private ones.

“The turbulence that we all found ourselves in did not affect the business interest in ERP solutions. But we definitely made adjustments to the needs of customers related to the implementation of projects. Many are now not ready for the long-term implementation of systems. Indeed, while the project is underway, business needs can change significantly under the influence of both internal and external factors. As an integrator, it is crucial here to adapt the capabilities of the selected ERP system to the rapidly changing client requirements. From this point of view, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 ecosystem is well-positioned. Users can connect new modules and tools as needed and develop their own business applications based on the Power Platform. Also, in many projects, we use iterative development.”
Mikhail Ponomarev, head of the ERP division of Navicon

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