BELUGA GROUP automated B2B sales and marketing processes together with Navicon


			BELUGA GROUP automated B2B sales and marketing processes together with Navicon			BELUGA GROUP automated B2B sales and marketing processes together with Navicon

System integrator and developer Navicon has implemented two modules of the Creatio platform (Sales and Marketing) in the department for work with private and corporate clients of BELUGA GROUP. As a result, its employees received convenient tools for forming a unified customer profile, managing orders, marketing activities, and obtaining analytics. Implementation of IT solutions improves the speed of preparation of business proposals, reduces the time for the coordination and execution of orders, and makes it possible to process B2B and sales more transparently and adeptly.

BELUGA GROUP is one of the largest Russian producers and distributors of alcoholic beverages. The company's portfolio includes its own and imported brands; it cooperates with the most prominent suppliers from 18 countries. Different departments are engaged in the sales of products in BELUGA GROUP. In addition, a separate department is responsible for working with private and corporate clients.

In order to improve the quality and efficiency of work with each client, to avoid errors and duplication of information, the management of the department for working with private and corporate clients of BELUGA GROUP decided to consolidate customers’ and their orders’ data, automating the processes of B2B sales and marketing, as well as building transparent sales analytics. To automate these processes, the Creatio platform from Terrasoft was chosen. The project was implemented by the system integrator Navicon.

Implementation of the Creatio Sales module was carried out in two stages. At the first stage, the integrator's team collected all information about customers and their orders in a single database, eliminating the risk of data loss when one of the managers left the company. In addition, BELUGA GROUP employees received tools to create a 360° client profile, which helped to understand the client’s needs better and build effective communication with them.

At the second stage, Navicon automated working with orders and commercial offers (QP). A complex algorithm for calculating discounts was transferred entirely from the BELUGA GROUP master system to Creatio Sales as part of the stage. Thus, the process of their approval within the company was automated. Also, BELUGA GROUP employees could select products for the order using individual filters and consider the stock balances. This information can be requested from the master system in real-time. In addition, a unique commercial offer form has appeared, the appearance of which can be customised when uploading to Excel.

Thanks to implementing the Creatio Sales module and the set up of unique tools, it was possible to optimise the product selection process based on the client's needs. Not only was this advantageous when forming a quotation, but also with reducing the time spent on selecting products and developing a quote. Moreover, this approach introduced a tool to control the work of managers through internal approval of orders - which, in turn, helped improve leaders’ efficiency who can now handle more orders.

Further, the Navicon team implemented the Creatio Marketing module in BELUGA GROUP, making it possible to take full advantage of the created 360° customer profile, to effectively plan marketing activities (events and email newsletters) and analyse their results. All thanks to the built-in analytical tools.

“Employees of the department for work with private and corporate clients received a unified system for performing their daily tasks related to maintaining a customer base, placing orders and quotations, shipping products and working with stocks. In turn, thanks to the built-in analytics of sales, the management of BELUGA GROUP can receive data on churn and influx of customers online and analyse the volume of orders in various sections, which makes the process of B2B sales more transparent and controllable."
Alexey Tsypkin, IT Director of BELUGA GROUP

“The tasks set for us by the BELUGA GROUP team required various improvements to the CRM system so that it fully corresponded to the specifics of the business. For example, we have implemented automatic redefinition of the order approval branch if its parameters have changed and made sure that prices and discounts are simultaneously checked in the master system and Creatio Sales. Information about new orders does not need to be broadcast in the master system - our team has set up automatic data transfer. All improvements were aimed at ensuring that the process of working with B2B sales was as smooth and efficient as possible."
Sofya Totmakova, leader of CRM & RPA practice at Navicon

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