Navicon has updated the ERP system in VTB Capital's foreign offices


			Navicon has updated the ERP system in VTB Capital's foreign offices			Navicon has updated the ERP system in VTB Capital's foreign offices

System integrator Navicon has completed a major international project covering several countries in different time zones. Navicon helped four VTB Capital offices in London, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Sofia migrate to the new version of the ERP solution. IT specialists have transferred seven modules, including 30 functional areas, from MS Dynamics NAV 2009 to MS Dynamics 365 Business Central while retaining all the improvements made in the ERP system earlier.

For several years, employees of VTB Capital's foreign offices have used the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 ERP system to manage operational activities. Still, over time it has ceased to meet the company's requirements. As a result, VTB Capital's management decided to transfer all overseas branches to a more modern and fault-tolerant platform. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central was chosen for implementation.

System integrator Navicon worked with the company to support the previous ERP system. As part of the implementation of the new project, Navicon IT specialists transferred seven modules to MS Dynamics Business Central: "Setting up accounting and accounting of journals", "Bank", "Settlements with suppliers", "Fixed assets", "Analysis and reporting", "Closing the day " and " Integration with other systems ". These modules include 30 functional areas. With the help of them, VTB Capital employees can fully manage all the necessary operations. In addition, within the framework of the project, the system was integrated with seven other solutions used by VTB Capital.

It was important for business users to preserve all the improvements made to the first ERP system during its use as they made the solution as appropriate as possible to the business processes of VTB Capital. Therefore, the IT team ultimately transferred all modifications of MS Dynamics NAV 2009 to MS Dynamics Business Central. In addition, complete data migration was also performed. At the same time, Navicon specialists combined the databases of four offices into one, which simplified and accelerated the exchange of information between branches.

“Before the ERP system was updated, each of the four foreign offices of VTB Capital had their own regulations for its use. After transferring all modules and data to MS Dynamics Business Central, we entirely unified the processes of working with the solution and provided each department with a single regulation and conducted training for the company's employees. Even though the project was fully implemented remotely in several countries located in different time zones, all work was completed in a reasonably short time. This was facilitated by high-quality testing, and we thank VTB Capital for the fruitful joint work."
Sabrina Mironova, head of the St. Petersburg branch of Navicon

“We decided to switch to a new ERP system to support further business development. We decided to implement this project with our long-time partner Navicon, with whom we fruitfully cooperate on many IT projects. The result is a modern and flexible system, reduced licensing costs and simplified license management. The transition process was as smooth and fast as possible, thanks to the joint efforts of Navicon specialists and the VTB Capital team."
Igor Voller, Head of IT Operations Department at VTB Capital

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